2017 iPad vs 2018 iPad Speed test!

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2017 iPad vs 2018 iPad Speed Test! In this video we test the 2017 Apple iPad 9.7″ vs the 2018 Apple iPad 9.7″ to see if there are any perceivable performance differences making this worth an upgrade or not! Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂


iPad 2017 versus iPad 2018 speed test
that video is coming up right now let’s
go so what is up guys Nick here helping
you to master your technology welcome to
my iPad 2017 that’s the silver one here
on the Left versus iPad 2018 that’s this
copper gold color here on the right now
this video comes from popular request
many people wanted to see if it actually
performs at all better so we’re gonna
begin this test with a boot up in three
two and let’s go and see which one
actually can boot up first we do have
the a9 on the left
the a-10 on the right now the a-10
should be substantially better on paper
but will it be better in the real world
we’re gonna see right here so we’re
beginning with a boot up test I have
tested ease before this video actually
started I found that the iPad 10 point
are this one right here
the a-10 fusion was a little bit better
when it comes to app speed but you can
see the older model actually boot up
first over the newer models so the a9 is
still as strong CPU and if you could
find this one on discount it’s gonna be
a good deal quickly confirming both are
running iOS 11 point 3d latest official
software alright so we’re gonna go ahead
and do a fingerprint scanner speed test
see which one is a little bit faster or
if they’re exactly the same so three two
and one and you could see it looked like
the left was faster let’s go ahead and
do that one more time just to see it was
human error three two and one and no
it’s actually the left that’s a little
faster so the older iPad looks a little
bit quicker I put that on the same time
so I put my finger on there at the same
exact time and you could see no every
time it seems like the Apple a9 on the
left a little bit faster on the
fingerprint and one last time for good
measure three two one and you could see
it’s the Apple a9 that has the faster
fingerprint on the left here okay guys
so you can see everything is closed out
on both iPads let’s begin the
application speed test we’re gonna begin
this test like calendar three two and
one and you can see that is the right
coming home let’s go into clock three
two one
and that is the right slightly let’s go
into the snapchat three two one and this
win goes to the left on the Apple a9
let’s go over here on the Instagram
three two one and you could see wow that
was about even on performance there
let’s go into YouTube and you can see
YouTube opens first on the right and
then on the Left scrolling about the
same on the scrolling looks like there’s
a little faster of a low time on a ten
it looks like this takes just slightly
longer to load the feed so let’s go into
Amazon three two one and you can see
Amazon opens first on the right so iPad
from 2018 looking good so far
eBay and you could see eBay definitely
on the right well then again you could
say that the iPad from last year
actually won the boot up and the
fingerprint so on the left you can see
four Geekbench there’s the a9 again so
I’m seeing so far that the performance
gains are not really existent there’s
not really any performance gains here on
a newer iPad even though it has the a-10
so you could see right there there is
the microsoft word let’s go into docs
and these are some application students
might use google docs microsoft word
that looked like it was the right you
had to see that from the sign-in button
which one actually opened first let’s go
into the Netflix and you can see Netflix
is opened on the Wow
I think that was the left maybe slightly
let’s go into offer up three two one and
offer up opens first here on the right
scrolling about the same on both let’s
go down here back to the dead trigger
now we’re getting into some games three
two one and see which one can actually
open up dead trigger first here wow I
think that was about even maybe slightly
to the left I did not see that one very
great let me know down below on dead
trigger – lets go into jet pack and jet
pack looks like the rights gonna take
here here’s where the graphical power
should win over that a nine and there it
goes so the new graphics here showing
their stuff on the a-10 at least on that
jetpack joyride let’s go into this
basketball game let’s see if it can load
games faster again
here on the right and looks like it is
ahead and one more time there we go so
gaming performance looks like it’s gonna
be better for this new our iPad if
you’re a gamer also maybe for video
editing we’ll cover that in a little bit
looks like it was slightly today 10 that
was ever so slightly you have to slow it
down slo-mo to even see that let’s go
into Adobe clip 3 2 1
and you could see Adobe clip opens first
on the right just barely I mean it’s so
slight you would never perceive this
unless you’ve seen these two
alright guys so we’re gonna run through
them this way multitasking we’re just
gonna see if there’s any reloads it
doesn’t really matter if we hit them at
the same time we’re just looking for
reloads here so no reloads there let’s
go into temple run no reloads they’re on
both remember both of these have two
gigs of RAM let’s go into jetpack you
can see jetpack about the same it look
like basketball stars had to reload cuz
the Wi-Fi based game let’s go into dead
trigger and nothing there let’s go into
offer up and nothing there so good rehab
management I’m Bo so far Netflix about
the same let’s go into Doc’s and that’s
about the same let’s go into word and
that’s about the same as well geek bench
and geek bench again so look at this
performance I mean it’s identical you’re
literally only trading probably just for
that Apple pencil here because at 810
while it is nice on paper to know you
have an a-10 there’s a reload right
there the performance is so slightly
different that I don’t think you’re
gonna really notice anything so it’s
going to Instagram and that’s kind of
disappointing because you know we want
to see you know a better performer and
you’re just really not gonna notice this
in a day-to-day Instagram had to reload
on the left but there go snapchat so
here’s where the a-10 looking a little
bit better however is just holding more
apps but really I mean if you’re
focusing on your work or whatever I
don’t think you’re gonna be in opening
17 apps you know you got to focus on one
at a time so this is not really a huge
deal here so you can see calendars
slightly on the right okay so we’re
gonna open up this video I did it’s
about a 1 minute video and I’m just
gonna save it and render and see you
know if it does pretty good on either so
we have the same video we’re just gonna
hit save a 9 on the Left once again an 8
10 on the right now there’s no saying
that this is Android and Apple it’s not
optimizes the same apps
for both the products so same
optimization on both let’s go into save
to camera and it should be saving and
let’s see which one can actually finish
this video first they look very even
right now it looks like the a-10 might
be slightly ahead of the a9 but you can
see they’re both very fast at rendering
your video just slightly going to the
right it’s really really close here
really close and definitely gonna be the
wow that was so close it was like almost
even they almost finished at the same
exact time honestly I seen about the
same time finishing so video rendering
on both of these is gonna be quite good
alright so let’s just open up a couple
of websites to see if it’s any different
when it comes to the web browsing three
to one we’re gonna apple.com here and it
looked like it might have loaded just a
little bit better on the right nothing
too big of a deal let’s go ahead and
open up let’s see google let’s just go
to Google three two one and you can see
Google is just slightly on the right but
I mean when it comes to browsing the
products we already know have gotten so
good that it really doesn’t matter these
days you know which product you get they
all perform well and you can see zooming
is great nothing like the iPads of old
both of these are extremely good when it
comes to their web browsing abilities
okay so the final Geekbench scores are
in you could see on the Left we have 25
44 for the single 44 27 on the
multi-core and over here on the right 35
27 for the single in 59 33 for the multi
now what does this mean in the real
world well it basically means nada it
means nothing because you’ve seen in the
day-to-day it simper seva below the
speed difference is unless you have
these side by side the human eye would
never see the differences and most
people wouldn’t see them differences
even in looking at this video so
basically you know these are the same
performing type iPads scrolling and
everything is very on point
you’re never gonna notice the difference
the only thing you’re gonna notice is an
Apple pencil if you do decide to
purchase one but some things I don’t
think many people are mentioning about
this iPad is you have to think about the
fact that if you want the more higher
capacity model and an Apple pencil
you’re pushing over $500 for an iPad you
can finally use 12.9 throw from you know
2016 for about the same price and gave
you 12 point 9 and
display awesome you know at that price
you’re already getting near iPad pro 10
point five territory if you find those
on sale you can sometimes find them in
the six hundred dollar range so you’re
basically almost at pro territory now if
you go with 32 gig and this one and a
keyboard you’re still looking close to
$500 so you know this iPad is not as
cheap as no Chromebook or anything like
that and yeah I would argue it’s not
even as cheap as last year’s iPad
because the whole incentive here to buy
this new one is the pencil which is more
than buying last year’s iPad which
didn’t have pencil support all together
at the end of the day last year’s iPad
was actually cheaper and a lot of people
are gonna argue well that educational
discount will still you know most the
educational discount is only gonna apply
the teachers and students we’re talking
mainstream consumers everyone here then
you have to ask yourself you know cuz
some people told me hey man like I
really want to try that Apple pencil
it’s really cool to have a cheaper iPad
with an Apple pencil which is cool but
at the same time you have to ask
yourself how much are you gonna use this
cuz I bought this thing and I really do
like to draw on stuff but I found
drawing on an iPad is not like drawing
on paper with a real pencil it’s got
nice latency but it’s still a digital
tool it’s very fun but are you serious
about drawing are you artistic like that
do you really draw a lot then this can
be great do you take notes a lot because
I find taking notes with a keyboard is
still a lot faster than just writing
them out you know hand by hand with this
Apple pencil right here and I’m not
trying to convince you away from the
Apple pencil this is a great deal here
overall if you get the cheaper model the
3:29 Edition and you have a pencil
you’re definitely way under a pro but
you really have to assess your needs do
you really need the Apple pencil or is
it just a toy you want to play with at
the end of the day if it was my money I
would say if you’re on a 20-17
iPad only think about the Apple pencil
because performance and camera and
display and everything it’s the same
thing if you don’t have a 20-17 iPad I
would say just get the newer one because
it’s not that much cheaper right now but
if you can find the older model a lot
cheaper and you know I’m never gonna use
an Apple pen so I want this thing to
read books and watch videos then just
get the older one because it’s gonna be
a lot cheaper if you could find a third
party for like 220 or 250 but at the end
of the day this new iPad still a great
deal last iPad also still a great deal
both of them are good values any
questions comments concerns drop them
down below in the comment section of
this video if you found this video
helpful enjoyable also do me a favor and

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