7 Awesome Android Apps You MUST TRY

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hey what’s up guys profit here and I’m
back here with another awesome episode
of best Android apps make sure to check
out our previous episodes if you haven’t
already I am pretty sure you’ll find
some useful apps there now let’s get
started with this video this episode is
made possible by wondershare fortifier
this is a very simple photo editing app
apart from basic color correction and
editing you can remove unwanted objects
from the picture very handy especially
if an object is raining your picture you
have options to apply different effects
to get the look you desire and remove or
replace the background as you can see
here moreover you can also add various
extensions to add more functionality to
this application so if you are looking
for a basic and a very simple photo
editing app for your computer or laptop
give this app a try this app is
available for both Mac and Windows
starting off with add card as the name
implies this is an ad blocking app that
will block ads in apps annoying banners
and pop-ups as well as video ads while
browsing different websites the good
thing about this app is that it’s
available for all platforms using this
app will also protect you from
suspicious trackers activity analyzers
and malware’s however this app is not
available on the Play Store so I will
leave the download link in the
description once you enable the ad guard
give all the necessary permissions and
then you can freely browse without
worrying about ads and pop-ups
furthermore you can also track the
battery usage as well as data saved from
this app and since this app lock in app
ads you can manage the apps if you need
ads on trusted apps say for example you
can enable ads on trusted games and apps
or add websites to the whitelist to
enable ads because we support developers
and websites through ads however if you
are trying new apps and randomly
browsing the Internet I recommend you to
turn this on for safety reasons
mentioned above next up its swift Tabata
it’s a fitness app with various fitness
plants as you can see we have fat
burning trainings muscle building hit
training and many many more so you have
lots of options to choose from to suit
your goal you begin by selecting your
workout plan then choose your level and
start working out as guided by the app
you are also guided with a video where
it explains and showcases the proper
form it seems like you have a virtual
trainer you can follow the steps as
shown here and once that’s done proceed
to the next exercise
similarly with other trainings say for
example endurance training you get
various categories choose the one that’s
suitable for you and then get started
moreover it will notify you for the next
workout and suggest exercises
accordingly if you are into workout and
looking for workout plans this is the
app to get next up is voice era it’s a
voice recording app that Auto analyzes
the spoken words and turns it into text
notes for later review ever had a
meeting where you forgot the main
highlights or some lectures on your
classes that you need to review again
this app comes in very handy in such
situations simply hit record and the app
notes the conversation accurately as you
can see here and whenever there is
something important you can tap the
highlight button once you are done you
can stop the recording and save your
meeting by adding descriptions you can
later listen to the whole conversation
or read the full transcript and
highlights and if you have your calendar
synced this app will also remind you for
the next meeting so for students and for
meetings this app is very handy
next up is you messenger from CyberLink
this is a new form of social app that
mainly focuses on business and group
meetings that means you can use this app
mainly to connect with your group at
work clients and customers like other
messaging apps you have all your
conversations and you can directly chat
with people or create a group to chat
the stickers here are pretty
professional too furthermore you can
start video or voice meeting join a
meeting or webinar schedule a meeting
and view your webinars talking about
webinar basically it means web seminars
webcasts and peer level web meetings to
learn more about webinars click the link
in the description you also have other
options like QR code for connecting to
groups and linking other devices you
have your private album your profile and
so on I’ve been using this app for my
work and it’s been very helpful because
I don’t get carried away with my
personal conversations plus you don’t
lose out on any functionalities from
other social apps it’s great to have a
separate app for work for wallpapers we
have Wonderwall amazing collection of
high-res wallpapers mostly landscapes
and nature with detail info about the
picture the wallpapers are categorized
into different sections as you can see
here moreover you can also choose auto
set which will change your wallpaper
everyday automatically give this app a
next up is PKI as the name implies this
is a smart camera app with artificial
intelligence similar to what we have
seen on the LG g7 meaning when you point
your camera at anything or any object
the app auto identifies the object
moreover you can also apply filters
before taking the picture to get the
desired look
so while setting up this camera for the
first time you can choose your
preference like the choice of filters
color temperature and sharpness so while
taking picture you can change the filter
from here and also adjust the filter
strength plus you have regular camera
options as well last but not the least
is launcher for Mac OS this is a
launcher that mimics the Apple’s Mac OS
as you can see you have a dock similar
to what you see with Mac OS then we have
finder for all applications
swiping from the right we’ll give you
widgets panel the file manager is also
exactly like on the Mac OS tapping and
holding the home screen will give you
these options else from settings you can
change the look and feel of this
launcher to perfectly suit your style
the cool thing about this launcher is
this launcher works both in the
landscape and portrait mode it works
smooth without any lags and gives a
distinct look to your device just in
case if you want to change so that was
it for this video guys I hope you found
some useful apps here if you feel your
favorite apps are missing feel free to
comment it down below stay tuned for
more content and I will catch you guys
in the next one

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