Awesome Tech and Gadgets YOU MUST HAVE 2018

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Here’s our new episode of Budget Tech Accessories and Gadgets.


hey what’s up guys this is illusion
you’re watching explode gadgets and this
is awesome tech for the month of June
so without any further delay let’s get
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first up is Imus cables recently came
across these cables and found it to be
super high quality and practical first
up the build quality and design is
awesome on these cables for instance I
really like the LED indicator to know
when we have power similarly we have
angled cables which are braided and high
quality which is really handy for
charging your device in cramped places
and I also have the USB type-c cables
from Imus which is really sturdy and
high quality if you’re looking for extra
cables amos is a great choice due to its
build quality and charging speed now
next up we have Bezalel Futura Exynos
chip wireless charging pad since the
first day of using my iPhone 10 has
looking for a sleek wireless charger
that went well with my iPhone and this
wireless charger from Bezalel was just
what I was looking for the thin design
goes well on my desk and while the phone
is charging I can still check my
notifications or answer calls on the
speaker the aluminum base keeps the
charger in place and the glossy charging
pad adds style to my desk setup it’s
also a fast charger so if you device
suppose fast wireless charging this can
be done too and it choices my iPhone
fully in about one and a half hour plus
it works well with my case as well and
it’s said to work with Defender cases as
well all in all this is a great pick if
you’re looking for a wireless charger
and similarly we have a very different
approach to wireless charging from my ex
Vita Vita comes in a combo
includes a magnetic case and a wireless
charging dock this combo is available
for different smartphones so you can
check their websites to check whether
it’s available for your smartphone or
not in my case it’s the iPhone 8 plus
the build quality of the case is amazing
with perfect cutouts and you have this
soft cloth on the inside the protective
phone from scratches as well and now
with this case you can wirelessly charge
your smartphone it’s really awesome as
it uses magnets to hold the phone
firmly in place plus the dock is a very
steady and made out of aluminum so it
stays in place as well now next up we
have fox novo tempered glasses this is
another great pick for my iPhone 10 if
you’re looking for a tempered glass that
is perfectly designed for the iPhone 10
and is really easily installed this is a
now this tempered glass does come with a
tool to align your tempered glass
perfectly plus the provided wipes and
dust absorbers will make sure you
install the glass with no bubbles or
dust inside also the tempered glass is
really smooth when you’re using your
phone it’s not easily scratched and also
doesn’t catch your fingerprints that
easily now next up we have amico
high-sensitivity stylus this is a
high-quality stylus for your smartphones
and tablets this stylus adds to the
functionality and user experience safe
example while wearing gloves for
sketches and designs etc the good thing
about the stylus is that it’s so well
built that it seems like a real pen plus
you get additional tips with it as well
at a single time you can install two
tips which adds to your convenience and
the stylus is really sensitive and
accurate so all in all if you are
looking for a stylus for your tablets
and smartphones this is the one to get
now next up we have EMS port 2 this is
the updated version of the EMS port 1
which we have covered previously as well
the second iteration is even better in
all aspects the build quality is
fantastic with soft rubber coating on
the outside making it really sturdy the
addition of NFC and media controls are a
plus point and it’s also ipx7
water-resistant making it a great for
talking about the sound quality the dual
21 drivers produces great sound with
deep bass and clear mids so if you’re
looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is
perfect for indoors and outdoors this is
the one to get next up we have these
mini cameras from a
d the small cameras can be clipped or
mounted anywhere you like now it’s kind
of a spy cam that comes with a magnetic
clip or a shirt clip which can record
videos or take pictures you can insert a
micro SD card to store your footages
they have small battery inside to record
small clips and again recharge the
battery via micro USB the footages from
these cameras are pretty impressive with
good low-light capabilities the only
downside of the cameras are it’s not
waterproof but then you would not spy
anyone underwater would you and talking
about spies we have out phone secret
headset this is not your ordinary
headset it may look like one but things
are a little different on the inside
first of all it functions like any other
ordinary headset it plays your music and
has a mic for your phone cords but
unlike other regular headsets this one
can encrypt your calls so no one besides
you can hear you call clearly you simply
turn the switch simultaneously between
the caller and the receiver and you’re
done this will increase your level of
security as you normally discuss many
important matters on the phone as for
the sound quality it’s ok to listen to
music and the airport’s don’t put too
much strain on the ears and it also
comes with a hard carrying case so
that’s a plus as well now moving on we
have Xiaomi hua me amaze fate pace amaze
fit pace is an amazing SmartWatch that
has excellent battery life and nice
trance reflective display with cronin
gorilla protection plus it supports
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and it has sleek
minimalistic design that looks good and
blends with almost any type of clothing
its ip67 water-resistant so even
dropping it inside a bucket won’t do any
damage it’s also equipped with a GPS
that makes tracking more accurate it
also tracks your sleep cycle any
heartrate so this can be a great help to
track your health as well the watch
connects to your phone so you get
notifications and you can also use the
app to customize and see the status of
your watch and your exercises coming
with an affordable price tag on misfit
pace could compete with other more
expensive smartwatches considering its
features and how long the battery lasts
which makes it one of the best
SmartWatch on the market right now now
finally we’ve got in this box go now in
this box go is a discreet portable VPN
device that
allows you to secure all your internet
traffic when using Wi-Fi it works
everywhere to secure your browsing
privacy and security at home abroad or
even public Wi-Fi it also allows you to
charge your mobile devices with its
10-hour battery life you can also put
the device into extended mode and it
will extend your Wi-Fi signal
it also has premium VPN service that has
61 servers in 18 countries and you can
use the VPN service to access blocked
services that can make things a lot more
easier you also get a soft padded
carrying pouch so you don’t damage your
devices so that’s pretty much it for
this video guys I hope you guys enjoyed
this don’t forget to hit that like
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more amazing contents like these until
next time you guys have a great day

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