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Here’s our new episode of Budget Tech Accessories and Gadgets.

hey what’s up guys are you sure and I’m
back here with another episode of
awesome techs and gadgets make sure to
check out our previous episodes if you
haven’t already I’m pretty sure you will
find some really cool tech links in the
description now without any further
delay let’s get this started this video
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now first up we’ve got conker Mike this
is a wireless lav mic system to be exact
the model number is CV mwm 300 it comes
in a hard carrying protective case you
get a receiver and two transmitters
along with two lav mics so you can use
both lab Mac’s at the same time great
for commercial troops the build quality
is fantastic metal all around and really
really sturdy and just in case if you
want to connect an XLR mic to any of the
receiver you get an XLR to 3.5
millimeter adapter bundled with the
package moreover you also get hot shoes
for mounting on your receiver to your
camera and wind puffs as well the
battery life is pretty good as it gives
around three to four hours of continuous
usage and the good thing here is you can
also charge this via power bank or how
you normally charge your smartphone it
also got an LED display that can be very
helpful and increase your ease of use
the range is really impressive as it can
give a clearer audio within 150 feet
talking about the audio the audio is
amazing giving clear and detailed audio
perfect for all kinds of views now
listen our hands we’ve got blue compass
this is basically a mic holder or a
mount where you attach your mic for
voiceovers and podcasts you can attach
this view desk with the included clamp
and due to its internal spring design
and hand-tighten friction hinges it’s
really easy to maneuver and find a
perfect spot for you it’s also very well
built and has got a premium all tube
design this is compatible with all
standard shock mounts and it’s designed
for professional broadcast mics this has
been a great help to attach my blue Yeti
and do voiceover for our YouTube videos
now next up we’ve got San Marc wide lens
for iPhone this is amongst the best
lenses I’ve used so far
send mark offers wide range of lens from
macro to Y to fisheye this one here is
the wide lens and it captures two times
wider picture
talking about the quality it’s top-notch
it feels really sturdy not only the
build but the glass quality is top-notch
as well
the images are detailed and sharp and
you don’t lose out on clarity as well
you can mount this lens with included
clip on almost any smartphone for both
rear and front cameras just in case you
want to take bleep selfie or briefie but
if you’re using an iPhone 10 you can
directly use the mountain case for a
perfect fit also you can use this case
as a regular case for your iPhone as the
cutouts are perfect for your dual camera
LED and directional mic like I said
earlier this is the best lens I’ve tried
so far and it has zero distortions and
vignette now next up we’ve got s2
earphone this is an interesting looking
true Wireless yeah.but and its really
will build with rubberized coating all
around with 45 million power battery in
each earbud that can give you a run
through the three hours of usage but the
good thing here is when you dock your
earbuds it starts charging as the talk
itself has a built-in battery as well
the dog can be charged via a micro USB
cable the earbuds are really comfortable
and is ipx7 rated water-resistant it
makes it great for outdoor activities
coming to the sound quality it’s decent
for the price it comes in with rich base
good meds and satisfactory highs it’s
good for music listening and phone calls
and I’m really diggin the blue color
with this golden accents now next up we
have a Bluetooth speaker from Zen Bri
first of all the black and stealth looks
really attractive and also the mesh adds
to clear a sound quality and attractive
loops talking about sound quality it’s
really good with deep bass and rich made
with clear highs it’s ipx4
water-resistant so the occasional water
splashes won’t do any damage it also
comes with a boot strap that makes it
really easy to carry around and there is
a dedicated mic to answer calls and use
force assistance and the battery life
lasted up to 13 to 14 hours on my
regular usage
now next up we’ve got peroxo headphones
this headphones from prot cells is
perfect for regular use with what it
offers it comes with a hard shell
carrying case firstly let’s talk about
its build quality this headphones are
built really well with metal build and
is really comfortable to wear for RS and
arts the soft padded ear cups and the
headband really adds to the comfort you
can use the Bluetooth connection or the
old-school way with the headphone jack
input provided you have a headphone jack
input also the buttons are really easy
to get used to you can use the buttons
for music controls and phone calls
talking about the sound quality these
headphones offer great sound quality
with detailed mates and rich bass
according to my testing the sound
quality is better when active noise
cancellation is turned on also the
active noise cancellation works are
really good as well and with the comfort
you can enjoy your music for hours and
hours and it also has a decent battery
life as it lasted up to 11 to 12 hours
that’s really good now moving on we’ve
got an a projects totem aroma diffuser
this diffuser is everything you’d want
from an aroma diffuser it’s easy to
clean very light and disperse more miss
than most aroma diffusers it also got
seven color lighting which creates a
soft ambient glow the diffuser is really
easy to operate and it uses ultrasonic
technology to transfer water into mist
and if you leave the device turned on
overnight it automatically turns off
when the water is low all in all it’s a
great product that creates a relaxing
atmosphere and cleanses the surrounding
air now next up we’ve got a lungi phone
tripod mount this is a tripod mount for
your smartphone and it’s the best so far
I’ve tried it’s fully made out of metal
new plastics anyway it uses spring to
secure a tight fit and has rubber
padding on the inside so that your
smartphone is protected from scratches
it also has an adjusting knob to
securely mount your smartphone you can
use this mount in portrait or landscape
mode and just in case you want to attach
a light or a mic to your smartphone you
get a hot shoe mount which is a very
thoughtful addition so that’s pretty
much it for this video guys I hope you
guys enjoyed
please give us a thumbs up if you liked
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you guys have a great day

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