Galaxy S9 vs iPhone 7 Speed Test!

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Galaxy S9 vs iPhone 7 Speed Test! Hello all, in this video we test the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Apple iPhone 7 in a speed test which one is actually the faster phone in the real world. The Samsung Galaxy S9 features 4GB of ram and Snapdragon 845 CPU and Apple iPhone 7 features 2GB of ram and a A10 Fusion chipset! Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂


Samsung Galaxy S 9 vs iPhone 7 speed
test coming up right now
let’s go
so what is up guys Nick here helping you
to master your technology and welcome to
the Galaxy S 9 versus the iPhone 7 speed
test we’re gonna begin this thing with a
boot up in three two let’s go let’s see
which one can get there both these
devices are unlock devices so neither of
them do have carrier logos when they
boot up shouldn’t be a problem for
I think the Galaxy S 9 might win this
boot up test but we’re gonna see if the
iPhone can keep up there from seven is
no slow phone that’s why they still
release the newer iPad with an H and
fusion chip so Apple might have the
leader no it’s the Samsung Galaxy S nine
shortly behind it is the iPhone 7 so a
few seconds behind on iPhone 7 so good
stuff to start for the galaxy ok guys so
we’re gonna go ahead and test the
fingerprint scanners now to see which
one is quicker the s9 actually moved to
a more convenient location so let’s go
ahead and do this in three two and one
and you could see it’s ds9 every time so
the s9 just has a quicker fingerprint
and it’s been faster on basically every
other iPhone that I’ve tested this
against when it comes to the fingerprint
now the iPhone 10 it doesn’t actually
even have a fingerprint anymore but it
does have face ID which is a little bit
more accurate than the iris scanning on
the s9 so for at least this comparison
the fingerprint scanner is faster for
the s9 okay so we have arrived at the
application portion of the speed test
everything is going to be closed out
here on the right and everything is
closed out here now on the left of the
samsung galaxy s 9 now we are running
android 8.0 Oreo on the left and on the
right running iOS 11.3 let’s see which
one is quicker here on these apps let’s
begin with calendar three two one and
you can see that might have been the
iPhone 7 but the animation might be a
little bit quicker coming home on the s9
let’s go into the clock and you can see
that’s the s 9 for that one let’s go
into Twitter and that is the s 9 and
let’s go into LinkedIn and again for the
s 9 so nice stuff so far coming home
let’s go into viber and you could see
vibrate on the left for the win coming
almost going to Pinterest and you can
see that’s Pinterest on the left let’s
go into B&H; and see which one can open
this up first looks like the s9 had at
first and
now our giving our notifications on the
right so the s9 so far taken the iPhone
7 to school
let’s see offer up right here and see
which one is first to load this
application and that one’s gonna go
slightly just very slightly to the
iPhone 7
so yes the iPhone 7 is gonna take the
win on offer up let’s go into Best Buy
and let’s see if Best Buy can load first
oh it does it loads first on the galaxy
s 9 so the s 9 is gonna be a win when it
comes to Best Buy let’s go into you the
net flick and you can see Netflix is
open first look like on the Left keep
getting these notifications but that was
the left let’s go into modern combat 5 a
game here is where you think that the
iPhone 7 might win this and it looks
like it is going to win this yes the
iPhone 7 is ahead we don’t have to load
no more the iPhone 7 was ahead on that
test let’s go into Cut the Rope and
let’s see which one is first that is the
left over the right so the galaxy s 9
just not playing around no more iPhone
it said come on bring it so let’s go
into Adobe clip and see which one is
first and it is the s9 once again this
is what I’m seeing I’m not trying to you
know sound like I’m biased towards es9
but it does seem to be a little bit
faster here at least on this single cord
let’s go into Geekbench and you can see
that’s the right and given that one of
the iPhone 7 quite easily so looks like
the s9 took most of these apps with the
iPhone 7 taking a couple of them let’s
go ahead and run through them now in
multitasking okay so everything now is
loaded up in RAM so what we’re gonna do
is see which one does better when it
comes to the multitasking so both do run
through their multitasking trays quite
similarly about the same when it comes
to performance let’s go through them
backwards now we’ll go to Geekbench and
we’re looking for reloads here let’s go
on Adobe clip no reloads there cut the
no reloads there on either let’s go into
modern combat 5 and looks like there
might have been a slight reload there
for the iPhone 7 but pretty similar so
far what about Netflix and that looked
like slightly to the s9 Best Buy
definitely going to the left offer up
and that is the right let’s go into B
and H and
that is the right a slightly faster
animation on the iPhone seven so far
Pinterest and that is the left looks
like we had a reload there for Pinterest
let’s go into viber and you can see
that’s the right so it looks like the
animation on multitasking kind of flies
in faster for the iPhone but the s9
hasn’t reloaded anything so it’s very
good for a Samsung phone quite unusual
actually for a Samsung phone let’s go
into LinkedIn and you could see that the
iPhone 7 was a little faster once again
Twitter that animation coming back in
multitasking for the iPhone 7 let’s go
into clock and you can see again on the
iPhone 7 let’s go into the calendar so
the iPhone 7 comes back here when it
comes to just the fluidity of reopening
applications but the galaxy s 9 won on
the first round so it’s pretty even so
far I would say in terms of just pure
speed alright guys so let’s go ahead and
run this adobe clip here and see which
one can actually render videos I shot a
quick 32 second video just see which one
will actually render this thing quicker
so over here on the galaxy s 9 organ hit
saved to gallery and then we’re gonna
load this up here and save it to the
camera row on the right so 1080p let’s
go ahead and export these in three two
and one and see which one can actually
finish saving this video first so you
can see that the iPhone is clearly ahead
just as the success was over the Galaxy
S nine now I know some people are giving
me stuff about this app being better
optimized for the iPhone but still this
is a very popular application that you
would use quite a bit and the Galaxy S
nine doesn’t render this video faster
some have been saying the Exia knows
model does render a lot faster than
Snapdragon model but if you are using
Adobe Premiere clip this is definitely
gonna be a little bit of a bottleneck on
the s9 compared to you know pretty much
any of the iPhone so faster here when it
comes to this render on this one okay
guys so we’re running the Geekbench and
you could see the iPhone 7 actually
finished first over vs 9 in this
Geekbench and it finished with a 35 33
in the single core and a 59 77 for the
multi-core that’s pretty typical for
iPhone 7 scores the galaxy s 9 out does
it in multi but not so much in single if
you had the Exynos model of the galaxy s
9 it probably would perform better on
the single
or but this one is still very powerful
but really what is the conclusion here
between these two what does it actually
like to use these two in the day to day
when it comes to speed now I find the
iPhone 7 to feel a little bit more fluid
than the galaxy s 9 what that means is
that it just looks a little smoother but
at the same time its animations are
slower as you’ve seen throughout this
video and if you tweak the Galaxy S 9
down to the point 5x animations this
thing feels even faster than what you’ve
seen in this video so what this is
overall gonna show you is that in the
day-to-day real-world use the Galaxy S 9
feels like a faster phone but when
you’re doing stuff like video rendering
the iPhone is still hard to beat but for
most people text messaging running
through apps it’s gonna feel faster and
it’s gonna show you more of its
performance I feel like on the s9
whereas the iPhone is gonna show you
more of a fluid experience if that makes
any sense anyways that’s the galaxy s 9
versus the iPhone 7 if you found it
entertaining informing helpful in any
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one Nick here be sure to be well and

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