Home Tour: A Kitchen Makeover For a Good Cause

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Dеѕіgnеr Danielle Nісhоlаѕ Brуk ѕhаrеѕ a kіtсhеn mаkеоvеr ѕhе соmрlеtеd fоr Matthew Hоuѕе, аn оrgаnіzаtіоn thаt ѕhеltеrѕ аnd аѕѕіѕtѕ rеfugее сlаіmаntѕ frоm аrоund thе wоrld. Find out hоw she created a welcoming hub for the уоuth refugees who wіll bе living thеrе by using bоld wallpaper, dаrk porcelain tіlе, ѕlееk Ikea fixtures аnd рrасtісаl, easy-to-clean fіnіѕhеѕ.


Matthieu house is an organization that
welcomes and shelters and assists
refugee claimants
from all over the world and they have
recently secured a new building it’s a
really cute little house and this house
is going to be home to seven to eight
youth refugee play music at first glance
the space was kind of cute from a
designer’s perspective it was a little
dated but it didn’t look terrible but as
we began taking the cabinets out we saw
that we had many many more problems than
we originally thought so we had
infestations to deal with there was no
insulation there was plumbing on the
exterior wall so it became apparent on
day one that we needed to do a full gut
in here in order to do this properly my
colleagues and my friends and my family
all of the trades and suppliers that I
deal with all the time jumped on board
said they would do what they can but we
still had a very very modest budget of
about $8,000 thankfully IKEA Canada came
on board and donated the entire kitchen
which for us meant that we could now do
the renovation properly I knew that we
needed to turn this into a galley and by
eliminating that l-shape I now had
enough room to add a dishwasher and with
six to seven teenagers living in this
house a dishwasher was a must I decided
to play around with a very stark urban
space I wanted to have a little bit of
plus I’d was desperate to use ideas new
Coons Baca line which is the very dark
anthracite it’s made of recycled plastic
so I really wanted to make sure that
that was included in this design I also
used that white ring hault cabinet which
is the flat slab glossy cabinet that
really helps with reflecting light and
you’ll notice that both cabinets are
flat slab so easy to wipe down
I’ve also used a very dark very slick
porcelain tile from Sarah gray this was
donated from them so I’ve created a very
black-and-white color palette and
whenever I do that in order to keep it
fresh and not looking too 90s I break it
up by using the countertop from hand
stone that is in a light gray it’s kind
of breaking up that contrast so the
other elements that I’ve used in the
kitchen like the rattan light fixture
those warm things up a little bit I’m
not the biggest fan of using things like
a fake wood or a fake stone instead I
just used this rubber flooring which is
really cool it’s really chic it’s got
those little dots for texture it was
okay that the floor was not entirely
level and very easy to install I had a
lot of private donations for this
project so my sister donated some money
and the only thing she said to me was
whatever you do I don’t want it to be
something functional I want it to be
something fun so I decided to use this :
Suns wallpaper which really when you
walk into the space it’s the first thing
you see and I always feel like the whole
point of design really it’s to have a
little bit of fun with life and elevate
a bit it’s so incredible to me how
quickly so many trades and suppliers
jumped on board
people like snob stuff and HomeSense
donated the accessories to just give it
that added layer of design and without
this support we would not have been able
to make this happen there were certain
safety requirements for a group home one
of them was to have an electric stove
rather than a gas stove so IKEA donated
this gorgeous range which happens to be
very easy to wipe down to keep clean as
well I used a lot of open storage around
the cooking area and that is for easy
access every chef knows that you know
eliminating another thing to do like
opening a cabinet
makes the cooking a lot easier the thing
about this home is that there are house
parents and then there are the six to
seven teenagers living here so it’s
really very much creating a family feel
for me design-wise the biggest challenge
was being able to create a seating area
and also increase the storage so I
created a banquette area which has
storage below and above it also creates
this cozy kind of nook which I have
since learned is the hub of the home
that everybody loves to sit there hunker
down do their homework they play games
on the chalkboard wall behind you know
sometimes I think about the big
glamorous spaces that I’m designing and
I loved them I really do but sometimes
you just want to do something that feels
a little bit more meaningful and to be
able to create a space that I know is
gonna be used and appreciated so
immediately and so much was so
incredibly rewarding

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