House Tour: Bold & Colorful Small Home Makeover

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H&H’ѕ Rеіkо Cаrоn and Kаі Ethіеr give uѕ аn inside look аt a complete араrtmеnt makeover іn Kаі’ѕ 650-ѕԛuаrе-fооt rental unіt. In thіѕ hоmе tоur, you’ll ѕее hоw Kаі married mid-century modern furnishings from EQ3 wіth Vісtоrіаn architectural еlеmеntѕ to deliver a Eurореаn look. Bоld flоrаl wаllрареr іn thе lіvіng room оffеrѕ thе perfect bасkdrор for a neutral contemporary ѕоfа. In the kіtсhеn, green shaker саbіnеtѕ wіth brаѕѕ hаrdwаrе gіvеѕ thе updated ѕрасе a ѕеnѕе of history, whіlе a glаѕѕ-tор dіnіng table and modernized Wіndѕоr сhаіrѕ form thе perfect eat-in dіnіng area. Pаіntіng the bedroom a rich teal, juxtароѕеd аgаіnѕt timeless wооd furniture, сrеаtеѕ a cozy сосооn.


we do a lot of makeovers here at house
at home and feel like you just finished
your house well we have done quite a few
rooms in our house my house is separated
into two apartments though my family
lives on the second and third floor and
we have an apartment on the main floor
my sister was looking for a place my
sister and I are very close
she’s close with my kids and so it was
just really nice to make a place that
she would want to be and feel like it
was her home
now this apartment was not in good shape
it needed a lot of work you know it’s
not a large space
it’s about 650 square feet you also
really didn’t like the way it was laid
out it wasn’t quite right no when I saw
the place and you had kind of ripped it
apart you’re lucky your sister’s very
patient we couldn’t do like a full gut
we’re gonna rip everything out but
almost no not really this was a way back
I to live out all her design fantasies
through her sister a little bit she
wanted something pink and we actually
painted the room pink but the walls were
not perfect so we decided to go with
this beautiful floral wallpaper in the
living room
anyone who knows an old Victorian in
Toronto it’s crooked yeah it’s not
perfect yeah okay you go to mask the
imperfections and you did that yes you
brought me in to help you out because
you perceived a lot of eq3 furniture I’m
gonna sit down do my unboxing my sister
wanted some good quality comfortable
furniture she really came to the table
with nothing and so et3 seemed like a
great starting point like a blank it’s
on a cold winter’s night their furniture
is modern but it has a nod to sort of
mid-century styles need to get a cat for
your sister oh my god no
no cats nice eh just me really works
well in this historical envelope my
sister wanted a real supplement like one
that her and friends could sit on or she
can lie and watch something on Netflix
there’s a lot of bold things happening
so we wanted something a little bit more
neutral clean lines and then these
beautiful wood legs and it was really
comfortable so that was the first thing
that we chose but I love that as we were
unwrapping it I could really see how you
were mixing the Victorian like all of
those architectural elements with this
sleeve and kind of quiet furniture one I
feel like that’s quite p.m. yeah you see
a lot of brand department yeah but then
the style is quite modern I really like
the way that looks I think it’s
juxtaposition a feel there you go now I
love the view from the couch into the
kitchen because I love the kitchen
yes the kitchen was a little dream
project of mine we wanted the kitchen to
look like it might be the kitchen that
was always there so we went with shaker
panels and the traditional brass
hardware I love that you gave her an
eat-in area yes there had to be a place
to sit and eat because you don’t want to
sit down or cat which is okay we just do
but you gave her that option yeah yeah I
do that did you paint that are you
pointing something there – oh yes I have
something special
let’s not forget about that touch of
pink yeah which is the most excellent
how do you want this just reform it a
little bit the taste will new go
everything who doesn’t want a nude of
their brother-in-law already know that
yes yeah why Green Green is actually my
sister’s favorite color a white kitchen
is beautiful and it’s very classic but
this is paint you know if you get sick
admit you can repaint it yes is such a
beautiful fresh colour
and it really made the kitchen sing
these two spaces were a great kind of
common area for if she has people over
but I love how were you created this
dark little den as a bedroom well my
feeling about the bedroom you don’t want
to feel claustrophobic but it’s nice to
feel cozy and the room was quite large
my sister really like teal and turquoise
colors that we’re seeing more and more
I think the bed you chose in walnut with
the side tables perfect with the teal we
really liked the simplicity the warmth
of the wood just that they were sort of
clean and this is like a timeless style
I think like it’s always gonna look good
in any room yeah we were really happy
with how it turned out I mean I want to
say that your sister is quite possibly
the luckiest sister ever but I know that
this was also a lot of fun for you oh I
had so much fun doing this you know my
sister does so much for me and my family
too so I was happy to help her the good
thing is is this is kind of my secret
space away from I have you know a nice
little chat with my sister we can have
tea in her nice beautiful space and then
when it’s time to go home I just have to
go upstairs

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