How To Make The Ultimate Steak Sous-Vide

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this is exciting it is we’re cooking
soupy today and we’re doing it in your
kitchen I know I’m loving it because I
want to learn to do this and I want to
see if it’s worth it
absolutely it’s one of those things
people think is more for chefs and not
for home cook so we’re gonna check it
out and see what we think so today we’re
gonna be making the ultimate rib steak
which I hear is the ultimate thing to
sous-vide that’s when the technique
really shines they do say that steak is
really one of those cuts that works best
for the sous-vide machine so the first
thing we have to do is preheat our water
there’s lots of good immersion
circulators on the market today we have
two here both work really really well
we’re gonna use the jewel today make
sure you’ve got it in the water before
you turn it on so let’s go ahead and
plug this in now the one thing that’s
made cooking sous vide really
approachable and easy at home is most of
these devices are enabled so I’m just
gonna go into the Joule app here they
have preset temperatures for steak and
it says basic steak or ultimate today
that’s true also let’s do oh I’ll tell
you why later 30 minutes to 3 hours set
temperature and they tell you their
favorite is 54 degrees so we’re looking
for medium-rare and that’s the
temperature that base adjust for it so
we’re gonna select it now this is a
really important part yeah so here it’s
asking me how thick your steak is
because that determines the length of
time you need to cook it you want to
take measure this one’s a one and a half
inch okay it says it’s gonna take 1 hour
and 30 minutes right so get cooking ok
as you can see the immersion circulator
has started our water is currently at 48
degrees this is Celsius and we’re
waiting it for it to go to 54 degrees
which is great because we are going to
do a little bit of prep for the steak
before we get going when it comes to
cooking sous vide sometimes you want to
pre sear what you’re cooking and
sometimes you don’t so the way I like to
think about it is if you want a really
crispy crusty edge on it then you’re
gonna want to pre sear so the cool thing
is that you’re cooking under vacuum
you’re essentially removing all of the
air and when you do that that means that
when the proteins begin to break down in
the meat or cooking there’s nowhere for
the juices to go ok I think this is good
and hot so one minute aside
that sizzle is exactly what you’re
looking for what do you guys think is
that a minute so beautiful so as you can
see we’ve seared the outside here it’s
just a little head start we are going to
use plastic bags today the vacuum sealer
is great if you have it but you don’t
need it
how’s it be freezer pass to be a freezer
bag they’re bpa-free and they’re better
to cook with and you’re gonna put it
right in the bag let’s put in a few
sprigs of thyme I’m gonna get our garlic
now we’re just gonna make sure that the
steak is coated pit garlic any oil
so you’re gonna want to lower your food
in you’re gonna want to leave the top of
the bag open so that all of the air can
come out
so as you submerge it air is going to be
forced out and the steak is going to go
into the water now the one thing to do
is make sure you have a clip so leave
these opens the air continues to escape
make sure you have a clip because you
don’t ever want this to turn in and fill
up with water and then you’re back to
start again so if you want to go ahead
and press start timer your food will be
ready in one hour 29 minutes and 50
seconds that’s it and then you have your
dinner party whatever a prep whatever
else you need to cut thing it’s ready
okay it’s ready
I’m with those first things first yep
turn it off and then you never move it
from the pot so we’re gonna unclip this
and we’re gonna take out our bag that
looks good and I read that the best
things to do sous vide are the things
that are transformative like cooking an
inexpensive cut of meat for a long
period of time and getting that
different result tender and still rare
so she doesn’t look perfectly glamorous
yet strong so we’re gonna go back to
that really really hot pan and we’re
gonna sear about two minutes aside get
the good nice out for carving there we
so you can see they’re really nice
browning on that alright ready
okay let’s go so one thing that I’ll
tell you about sous-vide is sometimes it
tends to look like you may have
overcooked it but just give it up okay
but here’s what I noticed there’s no
gray rim so you know when you’re cooking
meat and try to get that grade all the
way through should I solve it come on
you know what I’m talking about
already takes the salt and goes like
that oh it looks gorgeous
alright he’s gonna go first thank you
show me a bit Jason got it okay the
moment of truth
it looks better than a regular steak
that’s because it’s pink all the way
through very juicy very tender very
delicious I absolutely agree Cherie you
like it he’s so good
she loves him it’s like the best steak
hoe steak mm-hmm right
sorry it really wasn’t a big deal it’s
not a plastic bag and some water people
should try it
so yes yes definitely do it one o’clock
come on Jason we want the verdict turn
off the camera try the steak and let us
know what you think

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