iOS 12 Beta 3, 2018 iPhone Colors & Face ID iPads Coming (Last Week At Apple)

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what’s going on everybody welcome back
to last week at Apple I’m Sam of course
this is the weekly show where we talk
about everything that happened at Apple
over the past week this week as I think
we’ve had every week now since I started
this for there’s a good amount of
stories there’s a good amount of stuff
that happened if you’re listening to
this on YouTube right now there’ll be a
podcast version available very shortly
and if you’re listening to this in audio
form after I was live on YouTube you
watch the whole thing with some video
accompaniment on on youtube so let’s go
ahead and get started we’re gonna start
this week out the same way that we
started out the past three weeks with a
new iOS eleven point four point one beta
Apple I don’t want to say they’re
dragging their feet with this because
I’m sure that there’s a lot more that
goes into iOS beta development than I
would think of that being said this is a
very very small update there’s only one
change inside of passcode settings I’ve
made a number of videos on it and it
just doesn’t seem like there’s much
happening with it and Apple will
probably be releasing this maybe this
week but probably next week is a much
more likely date it’s just a small
update there’s not a lot happening and
the general hyper on iOS eleven point
four point one is pretty much just
non-existent because I have no interest
in covering it anymore it’s just it’s
like the smallest update ever and I
don’t think that that many people have
an interest in updating their devices it
should be the very last update for iOS
11 that we ever see so that part is very
exciting because that means iOS 12 is
just around the corner and I’m so
excited for iOS 12 I know a lot of you
are crazy high for iOS 12 and rightfully
so there’s a lot of really really great
features which brings us to the next
story iOS 12 beta 3 did come out this
week I was really proud of this shot by
the way if you’re watching on YouTube I
was really it was really proud of how
that turned out
I was told me to 3 came out to
developers and the second public beta
was also released a poet beta testers
this week which means that there’s a lot
of good changes here as there are every
week there is some cool new activity
gifs and stickers inside of messages I
always have a hard time remembering all
the changes off the top of my head just
because Apple usually changes a lot over
time or in each beta iteration and with
beta 3 for iOS 12 we got a lot of
changes we got
stuff that was new I also ran a speed
test and saw that iOS 12 beta 3 is
actually a little bit faster than iOS 12
beta to an iOS 12 beta 2 and beta wanna
are faster than iOS 11.4 so when iOS 12
comes this fall it’s gonna be a really
really really great update we also got
some battery graph improvements you can
now see when you have low power mode
enabled all kinds of stuff all the
changes are over on my website even some
that I didn’t cover in the video that
were discovered after it went live on
YouTube so that’s iOS 12 beta 3 iOS 12
just continually gets better there were
no changes in beta 3 that I wasn’t a fan
of it just seems like Apple was slowly
and gradually pushing iOS 12 in the
right direction as they usually do every
year when the new version of iOS 11
isn’t testing after I was 12 beta 3 this
week I felt like it was time to cover
some iPhone rumors per tradition and
there’s a lot of good stuff happening
we’re basically hearing once again the
LCD iPhone is gonna run about 700 bucks
which we’re calling low cost or budget
or cheap 700 is actually not cheap
though it’s just going to be lower cost
than the second generation iPhone 10 and
the iPhone 10 plus which I’ve now
decided to call the iPhone 11 and the
iPhone 11 plus those phones are gonna be
great the higher-end models are gonna be
apples basically building upon what they
did with the iPhone 10 and expanding on
that for the higher-end models and then
applying things like face it II and an
ear bezel S design to the new LCD $700
model that should be coming later this
year all new models were hearing the big
news I want to say was this week is that
they’re all launching in September but
we got some even bigger news after this
we’ll jump to that in just a second I
almost forgot to mention though we’re
hearing that the I think the iPhone 10
second gen and the iPhone 10 plus are
going to have to some like physical sims
inside them in China and an e SIM and a
physical city much everywhere else in
the world so there’s not going to be
truly true dual SIM functionality in the
US but you will have an e Semin side
that could be registered with one
carrier and a physical sim they could be
registered with another carrier so how
that’s gonna work is gonna be really
interesting Apple actually has an e SIM
in some of their iPads right now and
there’s been a lot of really great
feedback about that but carriers
reportedly the reason this is taking so
long to happen have been giving Apple a
lot of trouble a lot of resistance for
this happening just because making it
really easier really easy for customers
to switch carriers on the go
isn’t advantageous to a company like
Verizon who wants to suck the customers
dry of every last cent because that’s
that’s just how they are
I actually just switched to t-mobile on
a sidenote and I’m so much happier
Verizon has just been very very bad to
me and I’ve made videos about it in the
past and I might make one or two more in
the future but t-mobile has been great
so far not sponsored just wanted to
throw that tidbit
out but Isom functionality coming to the
new iPhones in 2018 gotta be really
really great we’re also hearing that the
higher-end iPhones according to a leaked
a 12-week bench score number one will be
more than 10 percent powerful than they
were in 2017 so that 812 is gonna be at
least 10 percent more powerful than the
already insanely powerful a 11 Bionic
ship from 2017 and then we’re hearing
four gigabytes of RAM for the higher-end
model so this is really exciting it
because four gigabytes of RAM is a big
deal Apple has never put four gigabytes
of RAM I don’t think in an iOS device to
my knowledge but it might be inside of
the new iPad pro so don’t quote me but
for sure the first time four gigabytes
would ever be emplaced inside of a
mobile phone right now the iPhone 10 and
I want to say the iPhone 88 plus all
have three gigabytes
well the LCD model will probably still
have three do your bytes in 2007 2018 of
RAM on the higher-end iPhone 10 plus
second generation iPhone 10 it will have
four gigabytes of RAM which will be a
lot combine that with Apple’s already
great Ram management and the RAM
management on the next generation
iPhones are gonna be really great so
that’s that iPhone news well I think
it’s been most exciting based on the
view count of this video and I think you
all think is more exciting as well
colors coming to the LCD iPhone this
one’s pretty big
Instagram post I posted about this got
like an ridiculous amount of likes in
comparison to everything anything else
I’ve ever posted it people want colors
on the iPhone Apple probably did some
market research into that and for the
LCD model we’re hearing that five colors
will be available on launch red we don’t
know if it’s going to be product red
could just be a normal reddit but it’s
going to be red of some sort on laud
launch I assume it would be in
partnership with product red you’re
gonna have blue orange space grey or
black and then white or silver that’s
pretty big
cuz Akal hasn’t really messed with
vibrant iPhone colors since the
iPhone 5c I want to see that came out in
2013 alongside the iPhone 5s and that
phone was not super well received I
think it was great at the time but in a
couple of years I remembered like any
one that I saw using the iPhone 5c just
generally wasn’t happy with it because
it was released without dated specs on
day one and it just wasn’t that great
Apple is fixing that this year with the
new LCD models in addition to just
having great colors the specs on the
inside are still going to be equal to
the second generation iPhone 10 and the
iPhone 10 plus now the camera probably
won’t be as good the screen being LCD
versus OLED clearly isn’t gonna be as
good but that’s because it’s gonna be
less expensive what is great is that the
internal processor the 812 should be
used across the board this year which
means that if you buy the lower-cost
iPhone this year the performance is
still going to hold up for four or five
or six years after you purchase it which
is a huge huge win for consumers it’s
not gonna be like one of the old iPhone
ships where it works really great for a
year and after two years it starts
really slowing down now that we’ve hit
the a 11 Bionic now that we’re going to
hit the 10% faster a 12 chip it’s just
gonna be absolutely absurd as to how
much power we’re having in the palm of
our hands rivaling some laps
and maybe even some desktops on the
market so I think that’s a really big
deal but colors coming to the iPhone I’m
really excited for I really look forward
to orange i mocked it up and that was my
favorite thing and I am really excited
for this I don’t usually get excited
about iPhone colors I said that in the
video I made on it but gosh it’s just
something about the way orange and blue
look that I concept it that I just want
to buy I want to get my hands on
especially if they are gonna be made
with a glass back last story of the week
was just on Friday the shortcuts app
shortcuts app and iOS 12 did not come
with the original iOS 12 beta but they
gave developers early access in the past
week I tweeted about this earlier today
but if you’re someone who’s not a
registered developer who wants a code
unfortunately youtubers myself and
anyone else on the internet except Apple
can’t give you a code you have to go to
the official Apple Developer download
portal you have to be a registered
developer to get there and to get access
to downloads and then once you’re there
you can request access and Apple might
give you access to it they don’t have to
I requested and I got it about a day
after I did but some people got it
earlier than me and I’m sure some people
got it later or after me so
unfortunately I can’t give you all
access to this although I would love to
like if I could give you access I
totally would I just can’t right now the
design though is is really great I love
all the colors I was really proud of the
thumb now I made it for this just
because it’s really easy when there’s a
ton of colors already and it’s basically
just the workflow app that Apple
purchased from workflow maybe a year ago
now a few months back and all that
functionality is there in addition to
more system level integration which is
great and the biggest thing here is
integration with Siri you can now remap
any action to any Siri phrase are nearly
any action to any Siri phrase so if you
wanted to say Siri why is the wall grey
that can potentially like pull up a
painting app or that could make a phone
like you can assign any phrase
whatsoever to Siri which is a pretty big
deal and while it makes Siri good it’s
sort of a pretty
hard placeholder for the platform not
being in a great spot like this is I
guess the best thing that Apple could
have done at this point at the same time
I just want Syria to get better
I just want Alexa and Google assistant
and Siri to be equal knowledge and
context wised when clearly Amazon Alexa
Google assistant fighting neck and neck
and then series just sort of series sort
of there and these these workflow things
are gonna be fantastic they’re gonna
help Siri without question I just don’t
think they’re the end solution our end
result and I hope I really hope that
Apple continues to work on the Siri
platform going forward because right now
it’s in a it’s in a pretty bad spot I
can’t use Syria for anything outside of
setting reminders and even sometimes the
hey Siri detection doesn’t work that
well for me sorry for all the devices
that just set off for you but hey Siri
err Siri functionality in genre with iOS
12 is gonna be getting better with the
shortcuts app and hopefully Apple opens
it up to more people public beta testers
in the very near future that was all the
Apple news for this week not a it’s
really funny whenever I I want my series
going off whenever I don’t want Siri to
golf instant recognition for hey and
then Siri whenever I don’t want it to
happen all instantly but whenever I want
it to happen I the phone’s an inch away
from my face my home pod in the room
thirty yards away will go off which is
absolutely incredible so let me check
out chat now that was the main portion
of the show as always hopefully and you
enjoyed hopefully you had some fun let
me let me know what questions you guys
have about news this week or just in
general well Apple implement the touch
bar on the magic keyboard
I see how one said I hope but at the
same time I don’t use the touch bar at
all I also don’t know anybody that loves
the touch bar when I first saw it I was
blown away I got really hyped about it
and I thought it was going to totally
change the way you use the MacBook that
that wasn’t the case my MacBook is right
here and from
it’s more of an inconvenience than a
convenience like if Apple sold a model
for a hunt for $50 less for $100 less
without the touch bar and that was the
only different feature I would
definitely buy the model without the
touch bar if I could I saw Brandon haver
door hard made a really great video on
the iMac Pro today where he talks about
the MacBook Pro and like I’ve had the
same experience like the software on the
MacBook and the hardware is just not in
a great spot right now if what really
needs to upgrade the CPU and GPU so it’s
better and the touch bar is weird the
iMac Pro behind me it just feels light
years better but it’s also twice as
expensive although I would say this is
like four to eight times better than the
MacBook Pro for twice the price instead
of just twice is good so MacBook Pro are
sorry the touch bar coming to the magic
keyboard I don’t know if that’s gonna
happen I kind of hope it doesn’t but
it’d be a fun video if it did I’m sure
some people can get excited about it do
you have a high expectation of the new
MacBook Pro yeah I think Apple has to
pull something good Dave 2d Dave Lee
from Dave TV made a video about Apple’s
Hardware the other day and there’s just
so many creatives and and professionals
right now that are really fed up with
Apple’s hardware because you either have
to pay a ridiculous amount to get the
iMac Pro which is what a lot of people
ended up doing so Apple wins and we’re
mostly happy or there’s just outdated
hardware everywhere else below the iMac
Pro that I don’t think is worth it for
professionals right now for the average
user you’re not gonna really notice the
the performance with the with the
MacBook Pro like you probably wouldn’t
notice just browsing the web that it’s
in a bad spot but for video editing even
for streaming like my MacBook definitely
has a hard time keeping up sometimes so
hopefully new MacBook Pro is fantastic
this year do you think people will buy
the iPhone 9 I mean it has iPhone on it
so definitely I couldn’t imagine people
ever ever not buying something that said
iPhone on it just because it’s so hight
how much do you think the cheapest
iPhone will cost this year I think the
cheapest iPhone will cost probably 649
or $6.99
because that’s what the rumors suggest
for the LCD model iPhone se G was
supposed to happen that would have
likely been around 500 400 450 but that
has now been reportedly cancelled so
cheapest iPhone is probably gonna be 700
bucks United States dollars which is
still a lot of money for a quote-unquote
cheap smartphone any news on the iOS 11
point for an iOS 12 jailbreak
I know iOS 11 point three point one just
got jailbroken like two days ago I
tweaks he’s been making some really good
videos on that but I’ve very very
hands-off and I’ve stepped away from the
jailbreak scene now it’s definitely like
what built my channel a lot of the way
because I talked about jailbreaking a
lot but I just I had issues with it boot
loops not not that you will but I had a
negative experience jailbreaking like
iOS 9 their iOS 8 and I just decided to
step away it wasn’t worth it anymore for
me and iOS has just got so many features
now that I didn’t feel like I really
really needed to jailbreak well you get
all three phones to review this year
great question I’m moving into a part it
moving into an apartment where I go to
school so I’m gonna have a fun thing
called rent now and rent is really cool
because instead of just paying for
something once it’s a subscription so I
get to pay to live somewhere every month
which is fair for the person’s property
that I’m living at but it’s gonna be a
pretty sizable amount of my YouTube
income which is more or less the only
income that I have right now so
hopefully I’ll be able to buy all three
new phones I definitely want to buy all
three new phones and I’m sure I’m gonna
try to reach out to a sponsor at some
point to sponsor my my content on like
the day that the new iPhones launched
just cuz that always helps out monetary
or yeah monetarily but I’d love to get
all three it’s just that looking at the
prices now that would be like two
thousand seven hundred bucks without tax
so that’d be a lot of money to drop on
three phones we’ll see any rumors about
iOS 13 there’s a lot already which is
weird home screen refresh is going to
your home screen on iOS 13 gonna look
pretty much hopefully entirely different
than it looks in iOS 12 first time ever
that the home screen will seriously be
changed since iPhone OS 1 gonna be some
big new iPad features revamped files app
on the iPad I think some apps on iOS 13
are going to see a design refresh
hopefully we just get a generalized UI
and design refresh and I was 13 because
so so many people are waiting for that
and so many people are very eager eager
for that design refresh
well widgets ever come to the iPhone oh
like on the home screen but I don’t know
I feel like Apple is not really a widget
company it would be kind of cool though
if you could take widgets from the
widget view now and put them on your
home screen sort of in between icons
that would be a feature that Android has
had I think since the beginning our
first versions of Android so that’d be
really cool to finally get that on the
iPhone but I don’t know apples not a
super widget II company I would say I
don’t think they’re super into into
pointing widgets on the iPhone maybe
they will though it took him a long I
think iOS 8 was the first time we ever
got widgets eight versions into iOS
basically when does Apple give a
presentation about the new phones and
the watch it’s probably gonna be in
September of this year
I think sources indicate that all three
of the new phones are gonna be launching
in September we have heard that for sure
and the conference will almost certainly
be middle September that’s usually when
Apple does it it’ll be September 10th to
the 25th 20th I think that’s when Apple
will hold the event just because they
always hold it in September it’s sort of
become known that if you want to buy an
iPhone during the summer it might be
smarter to wait until September just
because you know for sure new iPhones
will be coming at some point in the
second half of 2018 ninety nine or a
hundred percent of the time that means
September and he remembers about dark
mode coming to iOS 12
I also tweeted about this yesterday
because there’s so many dark mode
elements on the home screen like if I
I turn on dark mode really fast I’ll
show you let me swipe off some of these
notifications yeah this is all safe so
if I you look at this you’ve got a
little dark UI right there and it looks
so nice like if all the notifications
could look like this super super super
exciting but that’s not the case
only some notifications look like that
if you start playing music I don’t want
to hit play because I don’t want this to
get a copyright strike or copy strike
just beauty pie with city but dark mode
it feels like it should be coming like
all the elements are here all all the
eggs in the basket are here they just
need to be cooked up if that’s an
acronym that anyone should use because I
think that’s it dark mode hopefully
coming to iOS 12 if it comes at all I
don’t think it’s gonna be an iOS 12
point oh I don’t think it would be
twelve point one or or twelve point two
it feels it could be a very twelve point
three update if not waiting till iOS
thirteen because the crowd at WWDC lost
their minds over dark mode on the Mac
which some people have wanted but I
think every human born like the near
eight billion people or eight billion
plus people on the planet have seen an
iPhone and been like this is great but
what if it was dark what if he could
have a dark UI so it didn’t burn your
retinas out in the middle of the night
so hopefully coming Apple no it’s like
there’s no question that they know we
want this I think it’s just a matter of
them wanting to give that to us or not
so hopefully we get it soon because dark
mode is definitely something that a lot
of people want yeah they should make a
dark mode I agree what changes to the
homescreen do you expect no idea no idea
whatsoever mark Berman from Bloomberg
has done a lot of really great reporting
on it he just says home the carplay home
screen is gonna change and iPad is gonna
get pretty radical but that the iPhone
will also see some revamp and some
redesign but there’s there’s no detail
whatsoever I’m sure that concepts will
take a stab at how it should look but no
one has any actual idea how the how the
homescreens they’re gonna look when will
the name change come uh I’ve been
working on this forever I still think
I’m like torn between it two names and
they’re so similar but like every day
I’ll go back from one name to the other
name and there’s they’re so similar to I
update OS but I just want something
different I want something something
fresh and the new branding to me looks
really fresh the number one hold up I
would say right now is that I’m trying
to get some new merch ready to launch
alongside and one one new piece of merge
just totally done
it’s a polo it looks really really good
it’s super minimal and I love it I’m
gonna order it soon the other shirt is
is it’s a work in progress because I’m
not totally happy with how it looks yet
but that’s basically the number one
thing that that’s making me wait on
changing the name and also I just got
verified on YouTube so there’s a little
check mark next to my name on desktop
and when I change my name to what I’m
going to change it to I’ll have to
reapply for verification so I’m just I’m
enjoying the check mark Wow last before
YouTube has to really for verification
later are you going to the event haha I
wish Apple I don’t think knows who I am
nor do they care but then again a guy
named daily tech who makes some really
cool Apple videos with like a hundred
and six thousand subscribers got invited
by Apple as press at WWDC along the
likes of I think I just seen I’m not
sure if marques attended but Jonathan
Morrison was there your average consumer
I want to say was invited into WWDC and
I think Sarah Sarah DG but like 106,000
is not that many like it’s a lot of
subscribers but not a lot in comparisons
to somebody like mkbhd or everything
Apple Pro and I don’t think that they
would invite me ever i’ve definitely
reached out in the past and been like
hey I like Apple products I’d love to
come to the event and generate hundreds
of thousands of free impressions for
your company just for letting me be
there but they leave the likes of that
to time
five Mac and Mac like all the big names
just because the impressions are gonna
get out there either way I basically at
this point just need a contact of Apple
and I don’t have I don’t have a contact
at Apple so they don’t really know who I
am and they don’t I don’t think they
really care about Who I am I figure what
case do you recommend all have I got the
case for you not even sponsored but a
company that I have worked with in the
past and that I absolutely love no way
this focuses but I use this case in my
videos I get so many questions about
this case so many questions about what
case I use in my iPhone 10 Ryan a shield
I think it’s called no solid suit is the
new ones with the like rubber backs that
came out this is called the crash guard
the runners shield crash guard or the
Rhino shield mod case for iphone 10 I
have dropped my phone so many times I
like I’ve dropped it so many times
screen perfectly intact still perfectly
totally totally safe on this phone and I
think my Rhino shield case link is in
every description of my normal videos so
if you just scroll down in the
description of like pretty much any
video other than a live stream that I
post you can see an affiliate link to it
so you help support me by clicking on
those affiliate links and I you can get
a case I want to say this is about 25
but I promise you the extra five dollars
is worth it such a good case really
great company they just they make really
good products and I love promoting their
stuff whenever I can just because it’s
it’s a brand and all brands that I
promote her that I’m sponsored by I
believe in and I love but like rhino
shield is it holds a special place in my
heart because they’re just they’re a
really great company which iPhone will
be your day via daily driver right now
my daily driver is the iPhone 10 it’s
been that way since November when the
iPhone 10 came out I switched to the red
iPhone for a little bit when I was
having some cellular issues with this
but I got this so we were issues fixed
and now I have the iPhone 10 and then
next year with the three new iPhones
depending on how good the LCD model is I
like the look of LCD screens on iPhones
I would say equally to how I like OLED
so I’m either gonna be using a
second-generation iPhone 10 or the
iPhone 9 that’s coming this year I’m not
sure just yet I’ll have to use them off
to test them out but for sure I want to
try the new LCD model this year just
because it’s so so interesting that
Apple is releasing this really good
phone for a lower price I see a super
shot from a hundred thank you so much
well shortcuts be available for public
beta soon also sub to ion to check out
AI hunters channel I don’t know if
shortcuts will be available for public
beta testers soon I would assume so but
right now it’s just limited to
registered developers through Apple and
what a registered developer means is
technically with my account I can
develop and distribute I phone and iPad
and Mac applications and watch
applications on the App Store I’m not a
coder though so I just pay the hundred
dollars a year membership fee to get
early access to betas and things like
the shortcuts up so anybody in the world
any of you watching right now can go
over to like sign up
for an account it’s a hundred bucks a
year but if you’re super super into
betas if you’re really into testing out
pre-release software like everything
from the smallest updates such as iOS
eleven point four point one to iOS 12
beta four which will be coming out in
about a week or maybe sooner depending
on when Apple releases it you can test
the big releases the small releases one
hundred bucks a year just to get safe
and secure access to like the developer
profiles and special things that you
can’t get through a profile like the
shortcuts app which is cool but it
should be coming to public beta testers
at some time in the future is the iPhone
10 worth it or should I get the iPhone 7
it depends what you’re looking for if
you want a really great camera if you
want the best battery life on an iPhone
if those two things are really important
for you definitely or ant and I should I
guess the new iPhones are coming in
September and you’ll be able to get a
better phone than the iPhone 10 for $100
cheaper than the iPhone 10 is right now
so if you’re looking for a new phone
right now I would definitely recommend
waiting as long as you can to upgrade
like if you have an old phone I
understand you may have to upgrade and
the iPhone 10 and my
is the best iPhone or phone in general
you can get right now but if you can
wait like new iPhones are coming soon so
you’ll get a much better phone in like
two and a half months if you can just be
patient and wait it out and I think
you’ll be a lot happier with your
purchase in the long run even though in
the short term it might be just nice to
get the iPhone 10 what we the cost of
the iPhone 10 when the iPhones come out
if it gets lost by a hundred dollars as
usual it’ll be equal to the iPhone 11
which is not reasonable so the this goes
back to a rumor we heard a long time ago
that Apple is going to discontinue the
iPhone 10 rather than just making $100
cheaper and I’m sure like maybe carriers
or third-party resellers like Best Buy
will discount this model by around a
hundred bucks maybe 150 bucks but Apple
will likely discontinue this phone and
discontinue this we haven’t heard a
follow up on that a long time because
that’s a pretty old rumor now but we did
hear at one point that Apple would be
discontinuing the iPhone 10 just because
it could possibly cannibalize the sales
of the newer models if they if they left
this around when will the new MacBook
Pro be announced do you think the
battery life and RAM RAM will increase
it’s probably gonna come out in
September or October at this point I
don’t know if I even have hope that
Apple is gonna put 32 gigabytes of RAM
and a device called the MacBook Pro
because the leaky Geekbench scores that
95 Mac found it showed only 16 gigabytes
in the new MacBook Pro which is so
disappointing for a pro device to be
capped at only 6 like there’s so many
conversations that I want to have with
Apple’s pro team and I’m on like the
very low end of the pros like the videos
I do aren’t that edit intense they don’t
need that much power but there’s no way
you could edit like a feature-length
film on the MacBook Pro without losing
your mind there’s absolutely no way
there’s just not enough power there even
if you boost everything up to the max
it’s it’s just really not that great
from a GP 16 to 5 to 4 GP 16 5 to 4
thank you so much for that donation I
really appreciate it what case you use
on your iPhone is it good I actually
just talked about this but I’m so happy
to talk about it again it
a rhino shield case if you go back to
any other video that I’ve ever posted
like a live stream it is the Rhino
shield crash guard case you can search
for it on Amazon if you wanted to help
support the channel even further you can
use my affiliate link which is in the
description of all of my regular videos
but rhino shield also told me that
they’re gonna be running some pretty
insane sales on Amazon Prime day and I
might make like a deal this video in the
future so if you want to weight this
case that’s I think 25 or 30 now will
probably go down even more than that on
Amazon Prime day if you are a prime
subscriber but rhino shield
I’ve worked with them on two or three
sponsored videos in the past really
great company just just like genuinely
good people that work there that really
care about the products that they make
and rhino shield there they’re amazing
like I’ve dropped my phone so much so so
much I’ve dropped my phone and and Ranas
she’s always been there to have my back
when I mess up they’re really great at
making good products and really quality
cases for pretty cheap I still see a lot
of people walking around with their the
super bulky cases I not know Rhino
shield I’m thinking of the super bulky
case is that like everyone had back and
like lifeproof those that are more bulky
those drive me insane and I just do not
enjoy thick and bulky cases so I mean
look this is this is video it can’t lie
this is the thickness of the iPhone 10
with a case like few millimeters thicker
but not to the point where the
protection isn’t worth it OtterBox
that’s the name Thank You otter boxes oh
gosh I hate them so much because it
hates a strong word
I’ve strongly disliked them they’ve like
the companies never done anything
against me and I think the product
themselves are pretty good like I think
OtterBox is for what they are is like
super big bulky protection is great I
feel like I get the exact same
protection from my Rhino shield that’s
this thick the other companies like
OtterBox advertise I buy the I PI would
you I don’t know what the I PI is but it
sounds delicious
it sounds really really great what
iPhone do you think will be discounted
when the new iPhones come out I mean I’m
sure the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus
will go down and pry for Nate in general
like the iPhone 8 is a really great
phone but when I have the option for an
edge to edge nearly basilis display I’m
gonna pick that every time just because
I like the way the screen looks 10 like
infinitely more than a boxed LCD display
and that’s just my personal preference I
like the edge to edge a lot better do
you agree that comparatively do this a
good question do you agree that
comparatively ever since Jobs passed
away the way Apple has handled its
quality and innovation progress has
slowed down immensely I am still an
Apple lover but I do miss jobs yeah same
here I miss Steve Jobs as well he
definitely was a visionary
apparently kind of a mean guy to work
with very very strong-willed not super
flexible in his ideologies or beliefs
and how he worked with other people but
aside from his character as a person um
he he made Apple Apple like he created
this company that people love that
people hate so so like just I don’t know
just an incredible company he created
like that’s why I love Apple it was
always so exciting to see a Steve Jobs
keynote growing up he was an incredibly
talented public speaker send Steve Jobs
his left yeah it seems like the quality
started slipping and maybe that’s just
because Tim Cook was never a CEO CEO
before he was a CEO and in recent
he seems like he’s been doing a really
great job leading the company from a
humanitarian standpoint from an
economical standpoint Apple stock just
keeps going higher I think for a for a
CEO he’s doing exactly what a CEO should
do it also though feels like he’s
running this this company Apple that
used to feel very magical and exciting
as more of a business and it feels like
more so than ever before decisions that
Apple was making are coming from this
will make stockholders happy rather than
this is gonna make the most people happy
or be the most consumer friendly option
so I’m uh Steve Jobs but he’s gone and
this is the Apple we know now so
no reason to no reason to dwell on the
past right what could the new iPad pro
have other than a new design or than
face Eddy ooh I really really hope it
just has the 8:12 processor or a 12x
other than face ID I I don’t know like
Apple pencil to support or just a second
generation Apple pencil would be great
because Apple hasn’t updated the Apple
pencil since the original Apple pencil
came out which is definitely a little
bit weird and and I hope that Apple
updates the pencils soon because it’s
been a very long time they announced a
new iPad the iPad 6 generation like
centered around students this year
because that has Apple pencil support
now and there’s still no new alphabets
like it feels weird that Apple is still
so heavily promoting a product that’s
relatively old now and that hasn’t
gained that much new functionality if
any new functionality over time so I
would love to see Apple pencil to
support on the iPad pro also an OLED
display that would be incredible rumor
has it that there’s no way it’s gonna be
an OLED display this year just because
producing OLED is really hard and really
time consuming especially if companies
like Foxconn are trying to turn out
panels that are twelve point nine inches
instead of five point eight or six point
five inches so OLED would be a game
changer for the iPad really great but
I’d also love to see how OLED on things
like the iMac Pro and the MacBook Pro
but at the same time apples LCD screens
are also so good that I can’t really
complain or I can’t really be
disappointed at LCD because it doesn’t
look bad really at all except when it
comes to black levels will there be new
iMac since I Mac Pro was out not long
ago um I think that the there will be
new iMacs I think that Apple will
continue to update the iMac line but in
Dave 2ds video that he made yesterday he
made a really good point that upgrading
so I think eighth generation Intel chips
will make the performance of a $2,500
iMac really really close to a $5,000
so the incentive to buy the iMac Pro
would be a lot smaller and then the
smaller IMAX or cheaper IMAX I should
say it could cannibalize the sales of
the iMac Pro so I don’t know what Apple
needs to do but they definitely to put
latest generation Intel processors in
their laptops and in the IMAX and in the
Mac Mini like where is the new Mac Mini
my dad alone has been waiting to buy a
new Mac Mini for like three years now
because Apple hasn’t updated it since I
think 2014 and at Tim Cook said in an
email I bet he didn’t say it was dead he
said they were working on it but a lot
of people are just getting really
impatient and I try to use my dad’s like
2013 back many and it was just real bad
because it has a hard drive in it
instead of solid-state really slow like
under I think 3 gigahertz processor only
dual-core just really really slow for
2018 so I’m hoping that Apple releases a
new Mac Mini soon no jailbreak talk I
touched on that a little bit earlier
just not not super into the jailbreak
scene anymore gosh a lot of people want
me to talk about jailbreak I am I mean I
can I’m just not I’m not super into
jailbreaking anymore I saw the new
jailbreak for iOS I think 12 point or
eleven point three point one came out
but I’ve stepped away from the jailbreak
community I still think that if you’re
into jailbreaking that that’s really
cool but I’ve stepped away from it
myself and just decided to focus more on
iPhone rumors and Apple and iOS on my
youtube channel here but if something
happened with Joe breaking I’m not
saying I would never get it back into it
again it’s just I don’t really have a
use for it in my life right now Apple
watch series 4 predictions we’re hearing
it’s gonna have a bigger screen as you
can see right now I’m not actually sure
if you can see it it’s upside down but
I’ve been having issues repairing my
watch because when I switch to t-mobile
I had to change the ESM from being
linked link to Verizon to t-mobile so
it’s just kind of in this weird state
now and I’ve tried like three times to
pair it but no matter what I’ve tried it
gets stuck on the passcode screen and it
fails every time so I’m gonna have to
troubleshoot it and look into
a little bit more and maybe try to reset
the phone and the watch together but
Albin watch series four it’s gonna have
I think a 15% larger screen less bezel
than has now which doesn’t seem like a
lot of bezel in the first place but
that’s gonna be really great and then
hopefully a faster processor faster Siri
everything that we got with the Apple
watch series 3 but just turned up a
notch do you think iOS 12 is a
disappointment for Apple users I don’t
think that it’s a disappointment
but I do think that uh I do think it’s a
small update and I’m really excited for
it I think it’s gonna be a great update
I think it’s what we needed even though
it’s not exactly what everyone liked
it’s what people wanted people also
wanted more features I wanted more
features but for the general populace I
think this is just gonna make everybody
really really happy and in the speedtest
video I did on June 4th or 5th when iOS
12 came out for developers it got like a
ridiculous amount of views in a couple
days just showing that iOS 12 already is
faster than iOS 11 which is really great
because a lot of people are tired of the
bugs in iOS I love and tired of the bad
performance so I think Apple definitely
made the right decision
less features better performance and
stability with iOS 12 have you seen the
bug with the screen time crashing on
iPhone 10 um I haven’t seen screen time
work you know my iPhone 10 if that’s
what you’re referring to but I
definitely I think it’s it’s a cool
feature right here like it just doesn’t
really load right now and I’ve tried to
get it to load to show you my usage but
screen time seems to be a little bit
glitchy and iOS 12 beta 3 more so than
it has been in a beta before so that’s
probably probably good one last question
will do before we wrap up somebody asked
about Apple routers like Airport extreme
airport time capsule someone’s still on
their old time capsule I am I don’t
think new routers are coming in fact
Apple’s actually said that the airport
line more or less is delayed
indefinitely like they don’t plan on
updating it and Apple actually
recommends upgrading to a mesh Wi-Fi
router I have something called an arrow
in my house right now but I’m also
pretty sure that it’s broken or the
messing with my iMac because my iMac
internet connectivity is really spotty
and I think it’s the eros fault which is
my mesh Wi-Fi router system so if you’re
looking for Wi-Fi routers that are mesh
that are really great that aren’t from
I think the ero is an okay option but I
also know there’s something I think buy
links is called or be that has gotten
some really really great and really
positive reviews so on the Apple router
side of things Airport Express Airport
extreme time capsule they’re not
planning to upgrade those anytime in the
if at all so that’s that’s all for this
video anyway that was last week at Apple
we call it la WA not to be confused with
jacksFilms Y or PewDiePie’s lo I just
just la WA a little bit different a
little bit of a fun acronym once again
if you’re listening to this in audio
form on iTunes the episode will be up
very shortly if you’re watching on
youtube right now you can watch on
YouTube if you’re watching on YouTube
you want to listen to this in your car
you can listen over on podcast but that
was last week at Apple I’ve been Sam and
I will talk to you all in the next
episode see you guys later

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