iOS 12 Beta 3! New Maps + 45 Features & Changes!

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iOS 12 Beta 3 Released With NEW Maps! +45 NEW Features & Changes! You’re Going To Love This One! Full Breakdown.

oh that ain’t right this is what my
wallpaper is supposed to be this is what
it says it is but this is what it
actually is I was 12 for your boys and
girls hey what’s up guys apple just
released iOS 12 beta 3 and in this video
as usual let’s go ahead and dissect it
into all of the new changes and features
and this is a very significant one you
guys are gonna love this Apple finally
introduced their new mapping system into
iOS 12 beta 3 and before I get into that
there’s a bunch of other stuff I want to
cover but this is phenomenal and it’s
only gonna make things better from here
on now hopefully with the dire situation
that Maps was in alright so check this
out guys same wallpaper I’m gonna go
ahead and apply it as my wallpaper on
both of these devices and for whatever
reason iOS 12 beta 3 now adds a gradient
once again to that wallpapers so it was
the same color before sadly now on the
home screen you can see that it is
washed out and this may be a bug but
personally I have been experiencing this
so the gradient is back on beta 3 and a
very weird behavior when actually
locking your device if I lock up at the
same time it hangs a little bit longer
without locking on iowa’s 12 beta 3 so
it appears that the locking isn’t quite
as responsive anymore so once again 1 2
3 as you can see it hangs and then locks
on the lockscreen when you’re and do not
disturb mode you’re going to get some
slightly altered text here in the
description basically changes also as
you can see the prompt itself is a
little bit easier to distinguish from
the background in the control center the
blur now is more distinct so a little
bit more aggressive blur if you have a
more detailed background you’ll notice
it more but something I immediately
noticed so it looks a little bit
different definitely a little bit more
refined also in the notification center
the little circle now the X inside of it
is slightly larger and when you actually
3d touch on it there’s a very nice new
bounce animation so previously was kind
of flat and now you click on it and you
get this awesome and very satisfying
bounce and check this out the 3d touch
toggles will work on iowa’s 12 as well
so if you actually hold on this little X
as you can see gives you that animation
pops that up very very nice now when
your carrier name is too long previously
it would not scroll but now and I always
twelve beta 3 it will actually scroll
through on the top left here on the
iPhone 10 now in reach ability
activating it on both but then going
into the control center will actually
automatically pop it up into the full
control center whereas
you’d be stuck in this half control
center mode now Apple has implemented
their new mapping system into the Maps
application this is immediately apparent
when going to San Francisco and over
here around the Moss speech area notice
how much more detail there is now on the
left here with iOS called beta 3 so to
begin with this is restricted to San
Francisco but many people are reporting
that a lot of streets around their homes
that previously weren’t available are
now showing up in iOS 12 beta 3 so
that’s already good apples building on
that but so they’re gonna be expanding
to more areas they’ve been mapping this
for four years and finally the fruits of
their labors have been revealed and it’s
pretty cool and everything is detailed
you can see things better it should be
more reliable and updating changes will
happen much faster they say since they
aren’t relying on TomTom any longer
either way very very cool so huge update
to the maps also by the way for people
that were having GPS issues that has
been resolved once and for all so all
devices that were having the GPS issues
where you just could not follow the
turn-by-turn navigation and that has
been fixed and works properly now in iOS
12 beta 3 and on the lockscreen sliding
over to the more settings you’ll notice
that the buttons are now a little bit
more compact so you can see a little
portion of the notifications and also
you can now slide completely to clear
the notification and you do have to do
it kind of aggressively so once again
before you couldn’t and now if you go
ahead and slide and then slide really
oops man this is quite complicated as I
said but it should be able to delete
just on its own just like this oh my
gosh this is not very user friendly
there we go
so you slide all the way to the left and
it will clear from one slide now and the
mismatched heights of the two different
status bars have been fixed on I was
told beta 3 so that’s no longer annoying
all right so this is a new one but I
just discovered this in the last beta 3d
touch on that do not disturb mode to get
this platter this was not available
before and inside until I leave this
location is now a new option all right
so in the messages application in the
apps if you click on activity there are
now new stickers and animated gifts in
here so previously you just had several
and now you have way more and also
change to the momochi customizer so if I
jump into my emoji and edit it you’ll
actually notice that the interface is
now slightly larger so everything looks
in a
a little bit different even a lot of the
facial hair stuff is a little bit
different as you can see it’s more
stretched out easier to see and this is
apparent everywhere so it’s a very small
one like I almost didn’t notice it at
first but everything is a little bit
larger a little bit stretched out easier
to understand and I see what you’re
doing here especially in the hats for
example look at this cowboy one it’s a
lot larger over here that turban over
here so yeah the interface forum emoji
has been stretched and is larger and in
the nose application if you go into the
share settings there’s a new toggle here
for handwriting feedback so you can give
Apple feedback on what’s going on with
your handwriting basically yeah they
have a little description in here to go
with them and in the share settings of
photos or anywhere where this is
applicable there is an updated icon here
for a sign to contact so a little bit
friendly you’re looking with an actual
dude in there now within the battery
monitoring settings you’ll actually be
able to tell when your phone was within
the low power mode as represented by
that yellow graphing very cool now upon
restarting this page now shows
automatically of course if your PIN is
SIM locked so previous you had to click
a button or prompt to make it appear and
now it’s automatic and within your
account settings there’s a new tab here
for share my location so Apple basically
cloned that option and placed one inside
of your account stuff now inside the
face gallery of the watch application
only the Siri watch face is now
highlighted and within FaceTime when
you’re using the effect now there’s a
new interface it’s within this little
card view instead of being a full screen
now there used to be crashing when
calling in iOS 11 device via FaceTime
from an iOS 12 device that has since
been fixed in beta 3 and lastly for some
users on carplay when going into reverse
or using a blind spot monitoring camera
there carplay would just reset now
that’s been fixed in beta 3 and of
course the iPads so I’m gonna start with
Steve trottin Smith’s tweet this is
found in an iOS 12 beta and another
reference to an iPad with face ID so an
emojis can work on an iPad they have an
interface built already they’re just
waiting for an iPad of course with the
face ID camera this is the old voice
memos interface now there’s a new one in
beta 3 and it’s very nice and refined
got some blurred going on in the
background so works it very well and
this is the actual recording interface
so that’s been slightly changed as well
and within Safari in the tabs view
there’s a new option here too
search the tabs so if you have a million
open you can do that now now for devices
on the largest iPad the twelve point
nine inch version if you’re using an
iPad app that hasn’t been optimized for
a 12 point 9 inch iPad and you go to use
the keyboard you will actually get to
the full keyboard experience from the
twelve point nine it no longer shows you
a cropped version of the nine point
seven version and a very interesting
change noticed in an earlier version of
iOS twelve Apple actually made the nav
bars on iPad a few pixels larger I
believe six pixels and this was found by
this developer here some gives the text
a little bit more room to breathe and if
you guys have an iPad sixth-generation
Dinu cheap one released this year there
is no longer a multitasking a Plymouth
that was previously there and only iPad
pros could have as many apps as they
wanted open so that’s been removed and
the iPad 6 can multitask – its hearts
content you can no longer do this on non
iPad pro devices previously in iOS 12
you could run three apps simultaneously
interact with all of them now if you
bring up a third one of the background
gets grayed out
so Apple is limiting non iPad pros in
some ways but adding more functionality
and others so seriously the coolest
feature ever you can now ask Siri to
find your iPhone that’s linked to the
same Apple ID this is not a new feature
it’s an older one but I never mentioned
on this channel so check this out
where’s my iPhone so she found my iPhone
and yes Siri play a sound look at that
so this one went into a lost mode
basically it’ll play the sound until you
find your phone wherever you lost it
near you and a few more iowa’s twelve
features and changes that I haven’t
shared with you yet but still want it to
so within the camera application you can
actually do secret recording and bring
down your cover sheet and it will still
keep recording this was found by AI
device help and it’s kind of cool if you
slide over you’re still recording so
that secret recording not really a
feature more of an oversight in iOS 12
and within Safari if you actually search
for an artist it will present you with a
lot of their songs you can start playing
immediately from within Safari and if
you start downloading an app that’s over
150 megabytes over cellular you’ll see
you’ll get this prompt here it’s
slightly altered from before and when
relevant to your conversation messages
will actually give you a prompt here to
choose photos to add right away this is
one of those great little things you
shame Iowa’s 12 phone calls and right
away now previously in Iowa’s 11 there
was a delay but now both the sender and
receiver and when they click and it ends
right away now when I was 12 beta 2 when
you would receive a call you click
remind me and that call would disappear
and you can go on using your phone while
that call rings in the background that
was unfortunately a bug and has since
been fixed in iOS 12 beta 3 now when you
jump into your car and if your car is
Bluetooth and automatically connected to
your iPhone the songs are now randomized
so it no longer plays the first song on
your list and you no longer learn to
hate that song oh and when updating to
iOS 12 it appears that users will get
another free trial of Apple music if
you’ve already had one on iOS 11 now the
live listen feature with air pods in
Iowa so beta 3 has an updated icon next
to the name of the device it’s being
used with so in this case air pause
little tiny air pods right next to the
name okay guys and there it is features
wise I was told beta 3 let’s see if the
performance has changed at all now the
battery life for me personally I’m gonna
– has been much better than beta 1 so
I’m very happy about that
let’s go and see if the numbers here
have changed and let’s see how close we
can get to the leaked benchmark of the
iPhone 11 supposedly yesterday and
here’s that score so pretty normal for
an iPhone 10 but it’s so similar to the
least one from the iPhone 11 how
reliable do you think that is I
personally don’t the a12 will be a
monster and it will probably be higher
than this but otherwise there it is guys
I can see no detriment to the speed
still seems pretty great animations
pretty decent pretty normal I noticed
some lag and stuttering here and there
but that’s to be given with a beta
anyways guys there it is I was told beta
3 latest features and changes I’ll keep
you guys updated on anything new in the
future peace

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