iOS 12: How to Use Shortcuts!

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The new Shortcuts app in iOS 12 may just be the most powerful Apple-branded app ever. The automation functionality is nearly limitless and the integration with Siri allows you to elicit Siri responses for anything and everything. Although a bit confusing for the common user, Shortcuts feels as thought it was plucked straight from the dreams of power users around the globe.


what’s going on guys this is Sam and
today we are checking out the brand new
shortcuts application in iOS 12 which is
more or less to just workflow which is a
very powerful automation application
that Apple purchased a few months back
we didn’t really know what they were
doing with it but it’s clear that
shortcuts in iOS 12 is pretty much
identical to workflow with of course
some different features and changes the
most powerful one being the ability to
remap anything to a Siri phrase so as
you saw at the beginning I said what’s
the latest Apple news and hopefully it
picks it up running your shortcut I have
it set to go to the front page of our
slash Apple and as you can see there it
shows me the top story so this is what
my homescreen looks like right now I’ve
got a voice memo action airdrop
screenshot you’ve got me maker share
iPhone 10 screenshots a lot of these are
pre-made but you can do your own custom
ones and we’ll jump into a custom one in
just a second for now let’s head over to
the gallery Apple has already created a
lot of these for your ease of use so you
can go over here shortcuts for sharing
wonderful widget shortcuts you can run
shortcuts and other apps they have it
organized by essentials your morning
routine specific to the iPhone 10 but it
looks like you could do the iPhone 8
plus as well when it talks about
portrait I found one right here that I
think will be very useful there’s one
for a quick shortcut to a laundry timer
so I’ll tap on that it tells you a
little bit about it I’m going to tap on
get shortcut it’s been added in my
library so it’ll be placed at the very
bottom down here I’m gonna tap on that
and it says how many minutes for the
laundry so I’ve got about a 25 to 30
minute cycle so I’ll set it right at 27
minutes tap ok and then shortcuts wants
to access your reminders if it’s never
accessed that before once you’ve done
that you can head over to the reminders
app because the way this works is it
sends you a reminder whenever your
laundry is going to be done that’s the
way the default action is set up and you
can see laundry finish 258 p.m. that was
exactly 27 minutes after I set the
reminder or set the entire process up
initially it’s relatively automated
though I don’t have to set up the
reminder or the like alarm or timer
individually it sort of combines the
clock app and reminders into the same
thing and then automatically send you
whenever your laundry’s done so that’s
pretty cool so there’s a lot of
shortcuts already and I found most of
them to be relatively useful some are
more of a joke like you have me maker or
share and emoji some can actually help
you get work done like make you PDF from
anything or browse your favorite
subreddits like a demo at the very
beginning I think that stuff’s really
cool but now I want to make one that I
had I know for sure Apple doesn’t have
listed I want to be able to say hey Siri
open I did OS comm and my own website
will pull up just because I want to
check something there so I’m going to
tap on the plus right here it says add
any actions from the bottom to build
your shortcut so I’m gonna scroll down
it all the way to the bottom for the web
I’m gonna have a URL pass through here
so I’m gonna tap on URL
it says I’m gonna type in my
website right here hit done now if you
just hit play it will open it up in this
little tiny box right here because it’s
not exactly done yet we’re not exactly
ready we have more to do so now I need
to swipe up and search Safari because of
course I want to open this in Safari so
below that there’s another one when I
type in Safari that says open URLs or
open web page I’m gonna tap on show web
page right here so now it’s showing up
that I have the URL link to the very top
and the show web page down below I’m
gonna tap on play now and look at that
my website loads pretty quickly through
this series shortcut that is my home
page right there but like I said I want
to ask Siri to do this and I think this
is where the killer functionality of
shortcuts lies you can do so much with
automation everybody can tap the play
button to have their own automations run
but being able to ask Siri to do it for
you without you having to interact with
the device is incredibly powerful so at
the very top right here and a tap on
these options and you see add to Siri
right under the name and icons section
so I hit add to Siri you’re gonna see
this run untitled shortcut just because
I haven’t given it a name you tap one
record I’m going to say open I update OS
comm this is the coolest part I hit done
I hit done one more time exit out I’m on
the home screen haven’t even touched my
device hey Siri open I update OS comm
and there’s my website loading
hands-free only using hey Siri shortcuts
in iOS 12 this is just one of probably
millions are hundreds of millions of
examples there are so many possibilities
like the realm of what you can do at
this is incredible all the premade
shortcuts are fantastic I think most
people will have no issues using those
trying to create one from scratch is
quite confusing just tapping the plus is
greeted with a ton of options and then
tapping on search you get greeted with
even more and there’s sub menus for all
of these which for a power user is a
blessing I know power users are gonna
love this application I think that’s who
Apple at their core designed it for but
for everybody else shortcuts is pretty
confusing there’s a lot of menus there’s
a lot of text here not a lot of pictures
it’s as user friendly as I think an
automation app can get right now but for
the general populace I don’t see my mom
or dad or grandma or anyone else super
young using this just because there’s a
lot of menus and there’s a lot of
options I think the people who have
issues with Siri that want to get the
most out of their phone that they
possibly can power users are gonna love
it but everybody else is just gonna see
it and move on within a couple of hours
of touching it so that’s the brand new
shortcuts app in iOS 12 I’d love to hear
your thoughts and it down below do you
plan on using it how do you like Siri
and do you think that this fixes the
platform you think this is gonna make
Siri really great or were you expecting
something else from Apple let me know
down below in the comment section if you
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that I’ve been Sam I hope all of you are
doing great and I’ll talk to you in my
next video

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