iPhone 5S iOS 11.3 Any Faster?

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iPhone 5S iOS 11.3 Any Faster? Hello all, in this video we break down the iPhone 5S on iOS 11.3 to see if the phone is worth the update and how it’s current performance is acting like on the day to day with the intentions of helping you decide if it is worth updating or not! Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂


oh man iPhone 5s iOS 11.3 is it any
so what is a guy’s nick here back again
with another video it’s the iPhone 5s
last time we talked about this phone I
said don’t buy it and that opinion still
holds true to this day some people are
probably thinking oh come on Nick
again with this phone if you guys don’t
like this iPhone 5s there are these
videos on this phone because you just
have no interest I understand if you
want to leave the video
go right ahead I’m not gonna be mad at
you some people were on other side are
saying hey Ben where has the 5s been I
need to know about that old boy is still
my phone and we have one here for you
but I’m not gonna be continuing coverage
this is just one video because I’m
curious to see with all the drama that’s
been going on with Apple in the news and
the battery life and you know all the
pressure on them you might think that
they might fix the issues on some of
their older iPhones with iOS 11.3 so we
have the 5s right here and let’s go
ahead and begin this with a boot up test
I’m going to put this box away and I got
the iPhone 10 here to test this in three
two and one and we’re gonna see which
how fast this thing actually boots up
now I was testing it before I created
this video because I wanted to have some
knowledge around how it’s performing and
it’s not looking good so essentially how
I would you know make an analogy for
this phone is that I’m gonna make an
analogy to cars
have you ever you know bought a used car
and it was pretty good at first and then
I started getting some rust or you know
you’ve seen a used car that has some
rust story it was good at one time and
it started to break down over time you
know where I’m going with this that’s
basically the iPhone 5s it feels like a
really like it wasn’t once a really good
vehicle and now it’s starting to break
down and show its age and stuff like
that that’s the 5s for you so you can
see it finished right around 40 seconds
I was a couple seconds off but around 40
seconds on the boot up that’s pretty
much in line with what it was in my
prior test maybe a few seconds faster
but overall it’s about the same now one
of the big things that always lagged on
this phone is when we went over on
initial boot up to here and it’s still
doing as you’ve seen right there also
you can see just that was pretty slow
just coming back over here you can see
going up here into the control
this sometimes would twitch don’t see
too much of a problem here so control
center looking okay now what I’ve seen
is that you know when you’re just
scrolling along your home pages or
swiping through there’s no issues also
the you know regular applications from
Apple don’t seem to load that slow you
can see there’s just a pause and delay
there on every application but the Apple
apps are pretty good still in terms of
opening up it’s still definitely usable
that camera is quite slow and bird small
takes a second but it’s still pretty
fast on burst mode now I do have some
updates don’t judge me I got 42 have an
updated these apps in a while but that
shouldn’t make a difference when just
testing you know how fast the phone is
operating and you can see the App Store
just takes forever and this is basically
the case here with the phone here on
11.3 the phone the applications there’s
just a delay on pretty much everything
that specifically when you get into
third-party apps you can see it right
here while we’re talking there’s a delay
we’re still waiting and there it goes
now this is something that you just
don’t feel on newer iPhones even the
iPhone se which it’s updated to from
this phone you don’t feel this so you
can see YouTube just took forever now
when you’re actually into the
application there’s also like a little
bit of a pause and delay you can see
within a lot of applications where you
just don’t see that like kind of right
there on YouTube is like a little bit of
a twitch you know if you go into
Lightroom let’s see this one you can see
just a pause and delay on every app now
granted apps do have to load but they
are much faster on anything with like an
a 9 and above so let’s go through some
multitasking now see how it performs and
not too bad there’s a little bit of a
twitch right there when you come over to
the right you can see it happens every
time right there but just scrolling
through not too bad now something I’ve
noticed a lot about this phone and 11.3
is the battery life is pretty bad I mean
I had this thing at 95% and I was
testing it for about 10 minutes and it
dropped down all the way to like 75 so
it is really bad battery life on here
and another thing that’s not really cool
about this 11.3 update for the 5s is
going into battery settings you don’t
have the ability to turn off throttling
here on this device they don’t
have that feature on the fighter so we
don’t know if Apple’s throttling our 5s
is or not on low-power mode you’re gonna
need this on this phone because this
phone this definitely is not gonna make
it through a full day at least on 11.3
now if you take a look at my battery
life my health and capacity on this
phone is at 96% so if there was an issue
there’s no issues with throttling if
there you know if you’re gonna say that
my battery is low and they’re probably
throttling that iPhone 5s my 5s don’t
run like that stop playing you know the
5s is slow right now so you can see
games still do load up and ok see we’re
still waiting this is this is just
really the delay I’m talking about now
how does this matter in the real world
some people gonna say yeah well you
can’t wait a second for an app to open
up are you serious bro well the fact of
the matter is in our fast-paced lives
these days this delay can mean the
difference between you know making an
emergency phone call or not even
messages sometimes lags you can see it
right there and I have no messages in
that app and look at the lag so if we go
into the phone delay that wasn’t lag on
the phone but that was a little bit of
delay and I won’t let you guys know one
thing you know you might be reading the
comments down below in the YouTube
section and see people saying my 5s is
good on eleven point three don’t believe
this guy I just updated well I would
recommend that you think about the fact
that many of the people that are saying
those comments are not testing all of
the other iPhones on this latest version
like myself so you know you can take
that experience of just the 5s user or
you can take that experience of somebody
who’s using multiple phones that can
actually visually see the differences
here on the device now I’m rooting for
this phone just like everybody else but
if it’s lagging or it’s slow which it is
I have to be truthful with you because
if I’m not I’m basically I just wouldn’t
feel right it’d be like I’m lying to you
guys about it and that’s just the case
right here on this guy so I would say
that if you’re gonna see comments and
people saying it’s really good
it’s not you know they’re just not being
honest with themselves that’s pretty
much the issues here with the 5s it has
a little bit of a twitch it’s a little
bit slow and 11.3 doesn’t make it that
much faster you’re not gonna see too
much issues when just scrolling through
the homepages but when you start to get
into these applications it’s a
significant slowdown enough for your
eyes to actually see it that’s when I
start calling it slow when you could
actually see it with your eyes pretty
easily that’s a problem on the device
and granted this phone has one gig of
ram so I’m not upset with it that’s
probably why a seven chipset clocked at
a lower you know speed the phone has got
specs that don’t really match what what
we’re gonna be doing here in 2018
so overall you know I don’t like to
sound negative or whatever but I just I
can’t lie to you guys
this phone is just not performing really
good and I do not recommend doing any
updates to iOS 11 iOS 11 has been a mess
for most I phones in know if you were
wondering does the 5s get any faster
it does not unfortunately it’s not a
great update for the 5s yes it has
security patches which can help you out
if you’re still using this but it’s if
you’re looking for speed you’re just not
gonna get it here and you’re not gonna
get great battery life here on 11.3
either that’s what I’ve been seeing so
far on the 5s if you guys found this
video helpful enjoyable entertaining and
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you’re looking for an update I
definitely recommend if you don’t want
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se it’s still a good phone a 9 is still
a lot faster than this if you want a
cheaper but bigger iPhone take a look at
the iPhone 6s that would be a
significant improvement over this device
and if you really want to go all out you
know you want to take a look at the
newer iPhone 8 and 8 plus that would be
a significant improvement as well or
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will catch you all in the next one and
Nick helping you to master your
technology be sure to be well and peace

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