iPhone SE 2 (2018) – AMAZING News!

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the iPhone se 2 haven’t really made a
video on the iPhone se 2 for more than a
month now and we’ve actually had so so
many new leaks in the past few weeks so
here’s an updated video on everything
you to know about Apple’s new
entry-level iPhone for 2018 I’m
especially making this video today
because WWC is happening tomorrow June
the 4th so there is a chance that we’ll
see the iPhone ec2 being introduced and
maybe even release tomorrow at WWC
instead of the you know expected
September release so yeah I get those
also all those snacks ready sit back
relax and let’s take a look at
everything insurance everything new in
terms of yeah points and 2 for 22
so we know that Apple will be releasing
two new iPhone models this year the
first one would be another that iPhone
10 with 2018 specs and camera as well as
finally an iPhone 10 plus so exclus born
five inches iPhone 10 that would
continue the plus lineup and it would be
a direct successor to the iPhone 8 plus
now aside from these two iPhones Apple’s
also working on at least one more iPhone
model a cheaper slash an entry-level
iPhone for 2018 we’ve actually added so
many reports on this and this is by the
way not on one but actually on two
entry-level iPhones for 2018 so one of
them would be a 6.1 inch LCD iPhone 10
so an entry-level iPhone 10 whereas the
second one would be an iPhone se two so
an updated iPhone se with updated specs
along with the brand new design now
Apple could actually release both models
or they could just scrap one of them in
favor for the order but so far it seems
like the one that’s most likely going to
happen is actually a iPhone se 2 now
most reports on the IC 2 are actually
pointing towards an early 2018 release
so the 4th of June at WWDC at the WACC
event that would be a very likely
candidate for when the iPhone se two
might be announced now Mac o talk about
they actually pointed toward same a 2018
release which I didn’t believe it was
going to happen it really makes sense
for Apple to randomly release 9ic to a
head of even Wlad see oh yeah of course
that that didn’t happen and then most
reports right now are actually actually
including one from Tran force which by
the way is a pretty reliable source when
it comes to Apple Inc’s they said that
WWC is one will see an iPhone se 2 and
then the French website called Samak
reports that Apple has just registered a
number of new iPhone models to the EEC
or the Eurasian Economic Commission and
that they’re all running iOS 11 which is
very interesting now the September
iPhone so the new iPhone 10 updates may
would be running on iOS 12 out of the
box so this would mean that this new
iPhone model would be released before
iowa’s 12 comes out so before September
and the only Apple event until then is
WATC which is tomorrow now in terms of
the actual design we’ve actually had
many many contradictory reports so
essentially we have three design options
for the iPhone se 2 so the first one is
the exact same design as the original
iPhone se just with
undated specs so a blatant processor 2
gigabytes of RAM as well as an iphone 7
camera so essentially not an than an
iPhone 6s inside an iPhone 5s or five
body but an iPhone 7 inside an iPhone 5s
or five body basically then to the
second design option is an iPhone ec
design but with a glass back so that we
could have wireless charging and then
our number three is an iPhone 10 style
design with face ID and a larger about a
4.2 inches display along with the
removal of the home button and no more
side bezels and bottom bezel the back
would also be made out of glass as well
so worldly charging while it’s charging
support and then the size would be
squared off so similar to the current
generation iPhone se 5s and five on the
sides and then the front and the back
they would be basically the Holton’s
design now we haven’t really had any
major leaks in terms option number one
because you know it’s if it’s gonna look
identical to the SE one then you can’t
really tell that it’s an SE two based on
the design alone now in terms of option
number two and I’ve only see two with an
iPhone se one design but with a glass
back we actually had quite a number of
leaks on this so there were a number of
images and videos posted on Weibo
showing what looks to be an iPhone se
but with a glass back so the front seems
to be identical to a current model and
we still seem to have the headphone jack
which was actually missing from one of
the previous leaks that I showed you in
my previous lecture murmurous videos on
the iPhone se – now obviously option
number three would be the best case
scenario a mini iPhone 10 so to say and
actually the good news is that this is
the one we’ve had the most leaks on so
there was this video that surfaced a
while ago showing what seems to be a
smaller iPhone 10 but with an iPhone se
frame so the size were quite squared off
but honestly I don’t I think that this
video is fake so I think it’s a fake
I think it’s an iPhone 10 in an iPhone
se style case but we’ve actually had
some leaks that look to be pretty
genuine on this design option as well so
some screen protectors of this alleged
iPhone se – they appeared on Weibo
showing the design that’s even smaller
than the SE one so we can see what looks
to be a 4.2 ish inch display so this
would be possible with a design choice
and that’s because the bezels would
actually be gone entirely so yes you can
have a large display in an even smaller
form factor now the not does appear to
be strangely small smaller than even on
the iPhone 10 we
would either mean that Apple has managed
to dramatically reduce its size the size
of the notch in just a matter of months
or that number to the iPhone ec2 would
actually not come with face ID so this
would mean that Apple would have to rely
on the front-facing camera alone for
locking your iPhone which I don’t really
see happening this would basically kill
Apple pay it would also kill well just
Apple pay mostly but again I don’t I
don’t I don’t see this happening and I
don’t seem the first option happening
either especially if Apple wants to keep
the cost the cost of this phone low not
a case maker elixir they’ve posted some
schematics of the iPhone se to which do
seem to match the screen protector leak
and elixir has also posted by the way a
render of the iPhone se to which does
show that iPhone 10 design so this is
also the design that you’ve seen and my
iPhone se to use on of Tech render but
ok what’s what’s really happening with
the iPhone se to which leaks are fake
which are real and what design option is
Apple going to go with and also when is
this thing going to be released well
here’s what I think so
Apple’s plan for the original iPhone se
2 was for them to make something that
was first a small form-factor smartphone
and then second a cheaper a cheaper
option than basically all the other
iPhone options that Apple was offering
so cost wasn’t really Apple’s main goal
here with the original iPhone se 2 but
after seeing how well the original
iPhone se was selling Apple decided to
focus on the price aspect of this phone
instead and if you don’t believe me take
a look at the entry-level
iPad so that’s Apple’s best selling
tablet right now and it’s because it’s
also Apple’s cheapest tablet as well
starting at half the cost of the iPad
pro and if you take a look at the iPad
it actually comes with an iPad air one
design and the iPad air one display
which was launched back in 2013 the iPad
air once of five years ago so Apple
using the same iPhone 5 design from 2012
and 2018
six years later under iPhone se 2 to
keep the cost low as low as possible
seems very likely to happen but then
Apple wants to sell as many accessories
as possible so my personal prediction
for the iPhone se 2 would be a knife
only see one design with a glass back so
they could sell more Airport charging
mats and I would say even the removal of
the headphone jack so that they can sell
more air pods and no other changes in
terms of the design and then yes the
Apple a 10 processor 2 gigabytes of RAM
same specs as the iPhone 7 same cameras
the iPhone 7
and also fun fact this would also make
it having the same specs as the 2019
entry-level iPad so this is what I
personally believe that Apple would be
doing what do you have on ec2 but do let
me know in the comments what do you
think that Apple would be doing in terms
of yet from AC to and what do you think
what do you what would you like to see
from Apple in terms of the smartphone
and then also what’s the main reason you
would consider getting an F on a CT
would it be the the low cost or would it
be the small form-factor
let me know comments and all subscribing
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Android smartphone that I’m waiting for
this year but yeah thank you for
I’m Daniel looking forward really
looking forward to decisive to decide
when I say to stay tuned for WEC
tomorrow yeah this has been pretty much
it follow me on twitter at sort of tag
that’s that’s where i’m mostly active on
so i’ll post some images and some cool
stuff from WEC and pretty cool WC should
be coming video should be coming
tomorrow as well oh yeah I think of
watching I’m Daniel who feels like if
I’m ready to let me know see you guys in
my next one set of facts
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