New 2018 iPhone XI Leaks: 4GB RAM, Dual-Sim & More!

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We get our first look at what appears to be a leaked USB-C iPhone charger. 9to5Mac shares factory molds of the iPhone 9 and iPhone XI Plus. Geekbench Scores for the A12 processor may have been leaked. And dual-sim functionality of some sort should be available on at least two iPhone models coming later this year.


yeah baby what’s going on guys this is
Sam and there have been a lot of iPhone
rumors lately
I’ve made my decision for the naming I’m
gonna be calling that the higher end
oled iPhones like the second generation
iPhone 10 and the iPhone 10 plus the
iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 plus and the
lower end LCD iPhone the iPhone 9 just
to simplify it instead of say
second-generation every time I’m talking
about the new version of this because I
saw an article from Mac it’s a car which
is where I want to kick this article off
and that’s what they called the phones I
don’t know if they have any insider info
but it seems like a pretty logical way
to organize the next generation of
iPhones so their first article talks
about something that we’ve already heard
new chargers coming with 2018 iPhones in
addition to being faster there is gonna
be a new port on these not USB type B
USB type-c will be coming I she was
because I know USB type B doesn’t exist
cuz it sounds dumb I would never use
something that says USB type B on it
these images of the purported adapter
leaked recently and after looking at
them if Apple was to design a new
version of the power adapter what
they’re said to be doing later this year
I couldn’t imagine a design much
different than this it looks very
similar to the five watt standard iPhone
power brick just a little bit bigger for
the extra wattage that this thing will
be pumping out and of course you can’t
see the USB type-c port on here which
means that in addition to getting a new
power brick with the 2018 iPhones
whichever one of the three that you are
going to purchase you’re also going to
be getting a new type of cable a USB C
two lightning cable instead of
lightening it to USB a which is also
just going to go forward with Apple
trying to transition most of their
ecosystem to USB see we actually heard a
while back maybe a week or two ago now
that in 2019 the iPhone itself could
switch from lightning to USB C which I’m
all for and while it would definitely
upset a lot of people while the move
this year was switching from USB a to
USB C on the cable will probably have
said a lot of people I think in the long
term it’s definitely going to be worth
it we’re just going to be in that short
term transition period where everyone’s
questioning why Apple did this and why
they’re money-hungry which is never
really the case it’s just sort of the
of innovation it is an inconvenience
sometimes and that’s just how technology
works right around the same time we got
images of the charger 9:00 to 5:00 max
shared some images of the 2018 iPhones
not exact models what they’re going to
look like one to one but some molds
based on some really random wood samples
I don’t know why this material was
chosen it definitely makes it a little
bit harder to try to visualize these
rather than just a flat color but you
can see there’s a video there’s some
photos the the thing that was the most
interesting to me about all this we have
seen it online renders already these
match up very closely to those if
they’re not identical because I’m sure
both are based on the exact same factory
cats cool about this is that we’re
getting our first side to side
comparison between the iPhone 8 plus and
the iPhone 11 plus which is going to
look like this and you can see when they
are side by side the iPhone 11 plus and
the iPhone 8 plus are the exact same
size even though the screen on the
iPhone 11 plus is going to be an entire
inch bigger than on the iPhone 8 plus
iPhone 8 plus had 5.5 inch screen iPhone
11 plus had a 6 or is going to have a
6.5 inch o LD D screen so that was a
cool comparison you can really see while
the body size will remain the same from
2017 to 2018 for a plus plus size the
iPhone the contents inside can get a lot
bigger now and then we also get a
comparison of the 5.8 inch OLED iPhone
to the 6 to 6.1 inch LCD iPhone and you
can see the LCD model is clearly bigger
it has a larger body and you can’t
really see it from these mock-ups or
like printed out versions of the iPhone
but in the renders online the bezels on
that cheap or LCD iPhone cheaper as it’s
still gonna be between six and seven
hundred dollars they are thicker you
just can’t really see that from this
video because these aren’t that detailed
they’re pretty much just 3d printed
molds of how they’re gonna look with
this really weird Atwood material so the
biggest takeaway from this for me was
once again the fact that we are seeing
side by side iPhone 8 plus iPhone 11
plus are going to be nearly identical in
size I’m sure there are a few
millimeters different but pretty much
the exact same which means the form
factor in your hand isn’t going to be
insanely huge like a phablet
just gonna be the exact same size as the
iPhone 8 plus or iPhone 7 plus or iPhone
6 plus
now this next story is pretty crazy we
reported we have the Geekbench scores
for the Apple a 12 processor which is
said to be included inside of the iPhone
9 the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 plus
coming later this year which is a pretty
big deal
Apple is generally very careful and how
they test their products specifically
and how they benchmark them in scores
for Apple’s new iPhones don’t usually
show up until sometime in September
either right before right during or
right after the new iPhones are released
officially so here are the scores that
we’re looking at based on these
Geekbench results iPhone 11 comma 2 is
the model 4673 for the single core score
10912 for the multi-core score and based
off of Geekbench scores that people were
getting for the iphone 10 back in like
October or November on iOS 11 or 11
point 1 or 11 point 2 this is roughly a
10% increase but that’s based on like I
think at ten thousand two hundred ish
multi-core score I was getting ten
thousand five hundred fifty on the
multi-core for the iPhone 10 just
yesterday so that would be less than 10%
of an increase obviously but this is
very early on this is an early prototype
of the iPhone 11 or 11 plus probably so
we don’t know if it’s gonna get better
than this like at the minimum I’m sure
we’ll see a 10% upgrade but it could
also go higher maybe 15 20 or even 25
percent better what’s also really
interesting to note here is that metal
scores on the iPhone 11 comma 2 versus
just the iPhone 10 are greatly improved
suggesting that we could see a pretty
nice GPU performance upgrade as well and
maybe most excitingly for any of you
that are all about the RAM this claims
of the iPhone 11 an iPhone 11 plus will
be getting 4 gigabytes of RAM and then
suggest that the iPhone 9 the LCD model
will be sticking with 3 gigabytes of RAM
and I believe that lines up with what
the rumor mill has been suggesting but
2018 iPhones the two higher-end models
could you have 4 kilobytes of RAM now
which is crazy considering that Apple
was barely giving us I think 1 or 2
gigabytes of RAM like 1 or 2 years ago
so that should be a big upgrade as well
you combine apples great RAM management
already with just more RAM in a phone
for around 899 999 dollars that’s just
going to be more of an added bonus or
incentive to upgrade it to the iPhone
11s on what looks like it’s going to be
largely an S year like we’re not seeing
an entirely revamped design like we saw
with the iPhone 10 we’re seeing some
nice marginal upgrades that will
incentivize some people to upgrade but
not all and adding four gigabytes of RAM
to the list alongside a better processor
and probably better cameras and maybe a
better screen it’s just gonna make the
purchase more worth it in the end the
last story that I want to talk about in
this video relates to dual SIM
functionality that’s something that
we’ve heard rumored time and time again
for at the very minimum at just one new
iPhone this year but according to the
21st Century Business Herald that was
picked up by love iOS actually two
models will have it but unfortunately
it’s not going to be present inside of
the United States it is reportedly going
to be available only in China and maybe
I would assume broader in the Asia
region but definitely in China for sure
so as you can see right now I’m in the
middle of editing I totally misread the
title of this article and also the
context I thought it said that only dual
SIM functionality was coming to China
and nowhere else what it really said is
that physical dual SIM functionality is
going to be included exclusively in the
iPhones available in China but
conversely one sim one physical sim and
Apple II SIM or electronic sim
technology is also coming to the other
models sold around the world so this is
a really good sign the dual SIM
functionality in some form or another is
actually coming to all of the 2018
iPhones and not just China or not just
the United States it’s going to be
really interesting to see the Apple sim
embedded in the iPhone because apples
actually been using this technology and
their iPad lineup for a number of years
and I haven’t heard any glaring issues
with it apparently the e sim
functionality instead of the actual sim
works incredibly well based on this
report it should be coming to to the
iPhones into
18 now hearing this hearing 2 we know
there’s going to be an iPhone 11 and an
iPhone 11 plus they are gonna be more
expensive so I couldn’t see Apple
putting it in the LCD model and then one
of the OLED models that would be really
weird so if you want the dual SIM
functionality I hypothesize you’re
probably gonna have to pay 999 $899
which is the current rumoured fra Cena
for the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 plus
honestly the more I read about them the
more leaked images I see like the
pictures we got from 9 to 5 Mac I’m
getting more and more excited I think
while the upgrades as I mentioned
earlier are gonna be smaller like we’re
not seeing the biggest design refresh or
the biggest changes we’ve heard bigger
batteries which is gonna be really big
that’s something that I don’t talk about
a lot we’ve heard that the cameras
probably will get better but we know
that the processor is going to improve
based on the leak Geekbench scores we
know that iOS 12 is going to be really
great on these phones because it already
performs out-of-this-world on older
devices even talking about the iPhone 6
or iPhone 6s all the way back to the
iPhone 5s I just think apples doing a
really great job narrowing their focus
on the iPhone lineup and iOS and rather
than pushing out like half-baked phones
and half-baked software like we saw with
iOS 11 last year we’re actually getting
something really really great this year
and I look forward to continually
covering it in the future so if you want
to see more iPhone updates in the future
make sure to hit subscribe down below
and if you enjoyed watching this episode
like always helps me out I really
appreciate it for now I’ve been Sam if
you wanna help support the channel you
can head over to shop that I’ve did OS
comm and that would be amazing but for
now I’ve been Sam I hope all of you are
doing great and I’ll talk to you in my
next video

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