NEW Apple WatchOS 5 – REVIEW!

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watch was five is finally here so this
is Apple’s big software update for the
Apple watch now it’s officially going to
be released in September but if you’re a
developer you can get your hands on it
today however I advise you don’t install
the beta on your Apple watch unless you
have a second Apple watch because
there’s no way of dunk reading so yeah
it’s got to make your Apple watch
experience very very slow actually
bought by the way just came in just came
in today actually got an Apple watch
Series three just for this video as a
backup app Walker because I’m using the
series two and obviously I would I would
install watch was five beta on this so
yeah I don’t stall watch whens beta
unless you have a secondary Apple watch
but yeah in this video I’ll be reviewing
watch was five monk with my top fifteen
plus about seventeen main new features
so sit back grab some popcorn first sit
back relax
okay so first things first if you have
an original Apple watch so you know the
one that launched in 2015 also known as
the series zero well watch was five is
no longer supported so if you were one
of the few that actually bought a
seventeen thousand dollar gold Apple
watch well you’re out of luck no more
software updates for you now this might
honestly be a performance reason so the
Apple watch series zero launched with
the s1 processor with the Apple s1
processor that one is a single core
processor and it’s also based on a 28
nanometer process 20 nanometers that’s
crazy we’re approaching seven nanometers
and that’s still on a twenty eight
nanometer process and it’s also a single
core processors or just one core and
that single core is clocked at 520
megahertz so yeah there you go a few fun
facts about the Apple watch series zero
or the original Apple watch but yeah it
was really really really slow there’s no
there’s no denying that so there’s also
no surprise that it’s not supported
anymore the s1 P and the S 2 processors
that are inside a series 1 and then the
series – they’re both dual-core
processors so they should be supported
for one or two more updates now in terms
of the actual changes in watch was five
one of the main changes is the ability
to now challenge your friend and workout
so this is in addition to the activity
sharing that was introduced in watchos 4
so essentially you get a 7-day
completion window and then you earn
points based on how much you’ve closed
your activity rings you also get alerts
if your head or behind your competitor
so this is really really cool especially
if you have a lot of friends with Apple
watches and you’re go to the gym you
know regularly and you want to exercise
this is a really really cool way and
easy way and motivating way to do that
and then a really welcome feature is the
ability for your Apple watch to now
automatically detect workouts this is
awesome so Apple says that it won’t
really work for all types of workouts
but for the more general ones such as
running it should work straight away
without you having to start the workout
manually which is great and then speak
of workouts Apple has added two more
workouts so we have yoga as well as
hiking now in terms of the hiking one
I’m guessing that this is limited to two
the series three because this is the one
that actually has a barometer which is
used for measuring pressure and it’s
also used in the Apple watch for
measuring altitude so I’m guessing you
need a cirrus tree for hiking also in
terms of workouts but watch ways
I’ve Apple has added pace alerts so
essentially when you’re running you can
now choose a target pace and it will let
you know if you’re behind or ahead of
that pace are really good for tracking
your performance and then speaking of
tracking your performance watch was five
also adds the ability to see your
Roebling mile now in case you don’t know
what it says it essentially tells you
your pace the pace you are previously at
in the previous mile so you can check if
you’ve increased or decreased the paste
from a few minutes ago and then a harder
monitor also got a fairly big update so
instead of only tracking your BPM so
beats per minute during her workout you
can also see your SPMS or steps per
minute so now he can track how fast
you’re running and what heart rate
you’re getting at that specific speed
which is really really useful to have
for both monitoring and also health
purposes as well so if your SVM for
example is low and your heart rate is
high well you might have a problem and
speaking of problems a problem that’s no
longer in a case is podcasts so finally
we can listen to podcasts on on the
Apple watch so you can actually do that
directly on the Apple watch even if you
don’t have your iPhone nearby you can
even store the next episodes they would
be stored based automatically without
you having to do anything so they would
sync automatically and then you can
listen to them offline even if you don’t
have even if you don’t have your iPhone
nearby and then a Siri watch face did
get a few improvements as well so you
can now show you the apps that I use the
most as well as show you specific
playlists for example then you usually
play at specific times of day it uses
machine learning now so it will show
content based on what you do at specific
times of day not just playlists but also
some home kids scenes for when you get
home and so on so this is really useful
and also in terms of Siri a big change
is that you no longer have to say hey
Cindy I’m not gonna say the phrase
because I’m not gonna want to activate
your phones but your longer you no
longer have to say the phrase to
activate Siri you can just lift your
wrist and then you can immediately start
talking to her which is way way more
convenient than before and then
something else that’s also much more
convenient now is improved notifications
so now they are much more interactive as
in for example if you get notification
at a restaurant appointment you can
actually reschedule or add multiple
people directly from there without you
having to open up the app which you know
on an Apple watch can be really really
slow doing that and then just like on
iOS we finally get grouping duplicate
Shinzon watch was five so multiple
notifications from the same app would be
grouped into a stack like this which you
can then expand to view each one
individually also in terms of viewing
you know how sometimes you get an
emulsification with an attachment or web
link then Apple watch the Apple watch
gives you notification but then it tells
you to open up that email on your iPhone
I mean why why is it even doing that
it’s a complete waste of time and
getting a notification and not even able
to see what that’s all about because you
know you need to open up your iPhone
anyways well the good news is that Apple
watch the Apple watch was five is
finally fixing that it’s finally at
support for viewing web links and email
attachments and then the NA disturb mode
CMS on iOS 12 got quite a bit smarter
with watch was five so you can now
schedule it until the evening or for
example you can schedule it until you
leave a specific location which is great
in case your I don’t know you’re going
to let’s say a museum or the cinema
where you don’t want to be constantly
spammed by notifications but you do want
it off’ occations on after you leave
that place and then something that i was
not expecting to see on the Apple watch
is full manual Wi-Fi support so what
exactly do I mean by this well
essentially up until now your Apple
watch connected to Wi-Fi networks the
ones that your iPhone already knew
automatically but now you have the
option in the settings you actually
connect you individual Wi-Fi networks
manually when you wish now of course
that typing the password will be
difficult because you can only scribble
one letter at a time
what is it extremely useful if you go
out for a run for example and you only
take your Apple watch with you you don’t
have the seller model or just don’t want
to waste battery or data so you just
manually connect to the nearest Wi-Fi
network pork you know for Wi-Fi I was
quite disappointed you see that there is
no new watch face in watch was five so
Apple has added this new pride face but
this one has actually been added in
watch this four point three point one I
believe so you can just go ahead and
update then you will have it straight
away but aside from this and the new
Siri watch face improvements there’s
literally no new watch face which really
really sucks
I don’t want Apple to give us the
ability ability the option to create new
watch faces custom watch faces from
scratch I mean it’s been four years
since the Apple watch has been announced
and we still don’t have that let me know
the comments if that’s something that
you would want to do create your own
watch faces or if you think that Apple
should create their own watch faces
because you know you won’t waste time
creating your
and then just give us more option let me
know the comments what are your thoughts
on this and then finally with watch was
five you can now add your student ID
card to the wallet to the virtual wallet
on the Apple watch
so at the moment this only works with
about five or six universities and
they’re all us-based
but I’m pretty sure that more support
will be added in the future we either go
these are all the main changes in watch
was five so what do I think about what
was five in general so I don’t know I
think it’s a very small update I think
it’s literally the smallest update in
terms of watch OS so most of the changes
are focused on the workouts app and
fitness which is great but I really hope
that would watch with six next year we
would be getting more customization
options because right now this is where
the Apple watch is lacking now obviously
compared to different different
smartwatches you can customize it quite
a bit you can actually get bands and
accessories so and that’s in that regard
it’s really good but when it comes to
watch faces we’re still quite limited
now we are expecting a brand new
redesign Apple watch in September with
either thinner bezels or a brainy design
so a new circle or design entirely Alexi
done a video on this so definitely check
it out if you’re interested in the Apple
watch the Apple watch series for if you
want to know more about that the videos
pretty cool and the concept is gonna
cooler by the way yeah I think the
scribe would want to see more in the
videos like this one and in
multiplications like that they’re gonna
do like on that way you’ll be notified
whenever a cool new video comes out
because sometimes I mean most of the
times pretty much every time you’re not
getting a notification or less you get
the bell like and so yeah please hit
that Bell and also maybe the comments by
your thoughts on what rs.5 in general
and Y Apple watch
what Apple watch model are you currently
using if you’re using one and will you
be upgrading to maybe the Apple watch
for later on this year so yeah yeah let
me know the comments what I guys think
about all this on the annual and I’ll
see you guys in my next one

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