OnePlus 6 vs Note 8 Speed Test!

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OnePlus 6 vs Note 8 Speed Test! Hello all and welcome to this OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Speed test where we test the differences between two of the best android smartphones in the world to see which one offers the better all around performance. If you have one or the other of these phones, please consider sharing your experiences with one or both phones to help the community in making a purchase decision. Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂


one plus six versus Samsung Galaxy Note
8 speed test coming up right now let’s
go here helping you to master your
technology today we have the one plus
six versus samsung’s best note a well
you could say that’s the s9 plus for me
it’s the note series always the best
from Samsung but you can see that you
know what the note has come down in
price point especially if you look
third-party it’s coming in around the
same price point as a one plus six let’s
go ahead and boot them up at the same
time to see which one is faster three
two one
and we’ll see which one does get to the
home screen first now you can argue that
having eight gigabytes of RAM is
overkill for this one plus six but I do
have that here with a Snapdragon 845 and
the Galaxy Note 8 has six gigabytes of
RAM with the eight 35 now I haven’t had
lag on either one of these phones it’s
gonna be interesting to see which one is
slightly faster one plus six looks to be
like a winner on the boot up so Samsung
is losing on this boot up test so the
first win at least booting up your phone
goes to one plus okay so let’s talk
about their fingerprint speed on the
oneplus 6 it is in the middle so it is
in a better location on the note 8 it’s
up on the right next to the camera a lot
of people did not like this location
although I found it to be a pretty good
fingerprint scanner overall when it
comes to its accuracy three to one for
the oneplus and you could see just super
fast three two one boom three two one
boom three two one and boom now on adeno
date if we hit the fingerprint you can
see it’s a little bit delayed when it
comes to you the time it takes to open
that fingerprint it’s not like slow or
anything but it just seems a little bit
slower than the one on the d1 plus six
it just really wants to get you into
that phone extremely fast now sometimes
I miss on the one plus six and it
vibrates a little bit same thing with a
note 8 but when it comes to overall
speed the one plus six is a little bit
faster here as well what about that
quick launch to get to the camera three
to one and you could see that look like
the one plus six let’s do that again
three two one
and that one looked like a note 8 let’s
do it again in 3 2 1 and that looked
like you know date again so one more
time just for good measure 3 2 1 and
that looked like the note 8 slightly so
that quick launch feature might be a
little bit faster for the note a but
it’s so close it doesn’t really matter
they both have that same quick launch
feature from the power buttons on the
right side just a quick double tap now
they both also have face unlock but I
found that the 1 plus 6 is much faster
check it out 3 2 1 and let’s do it again
3 2 1 and there’s the 1 plus say ok so
over here on the Galaxy Note 8 this
one’s not quite as accurate I have to
get really close to the phone and it
really has to see me because the 1 plus
can kind of see you from wherever it’s a
very fast facial recognition although
it’s not super secure the noted is not
that great either on this facial
recognition 3 2 1 you could see there it
goes one more time 3 2 1 and there it
goes so I had to get really close he
probably heard me rubbing up against the
mic a little bit this one from anywhere
you can basically just look at it and it
goes I mean it’s much better on the 1
plus so if you’re looking for speed of
facial recognition 1 plus so 1 plus wind
on the boot up test the facial unlock
and the screen unlock time it’s just
gonna get into the phone faster overall
than a Galaxy Note 8 confirming their
software’s 8 gigabytes of RAM we have
five point one point five oxygen OS
eight point one point zero Oreo here
though on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 I do
have android 8.0 Oreo and Samsung
experience version 9.0 for this speed
test ok guys so we’ve arrived at the
application portion of the speed test
you can see everything is closed out on
both of the devices let’s begin with
calendar 3 2 1 and you can see that’s
the note 8 coming home let’s go into
clock that’s the 1 plus 6 let’s go into
calculator 1 plus 6 let’s go into
settings 1 plus 6 let’s go into
Instagram and that’s gonna be the note 8
let’s flip through some menus here 1
plus 6 there I was going to open a photo
Note 8 on that one let’s click the heart
and scroll about the same going through
here you can see very similar
performance is on both of them let’s go
into Twitter and Twitter opens first on
the left over the note 8 going into some
notifications for example and you could
see boom let’s go into snapchat snapchat
opens first on the right whatsapp that’s
the one Plus YouTube and you could see
YouTube on the left very slightly and a
Netflix and we should see Netflix open
first on the left over the no dates so
it looks like the 1 plus seems to be a
little bit faster and all these
applications here so far but let’s keep
in mind it’s mostly just an animation
let’s go into eBay but oxygen OS is a
little bit faster of course and then the
Samsung UI it’s going to you jetpack
see which one does win here up to agree
to terms I got to redo that one cuz I’d
agree to the terms there on jetpack so
let’s go ahead and do that one more time
jetpack joyride and see which one gets
there first that’s clearly maybe one
plus six let’s go into dead trigger 2
and more graphically intensive game one
plus six seems to be ahead and it is
we’re playing the game yes looks like
we’re gonna be playing a game first on
the 1 plus 6 and yes we are so we’re in
the gaming round and the 1 plus 6 first
both of them do you play extremely well
when it comes to actual gameplay Mario
run let’s go ahead and see which one can
open this up first and we are ready to
play first over here on the 1 plus 6 but
will we get into that game first on the
1 plus 6 that is the question so it’s at
or about the same not too much of a
difference so you’re seeing that even
with the 835 doesn’t really matter too
much rather you use an 8 45 or an 8 35
both these phones are very fast 845 just
has a slight lead right now now over
time this will matter because you know
having an 845 over time will last longer
into the future let’s go into slither
and you can see slither opens first on
the 1 plus 6 so 1 plus 6 with really
good performance let’s go into video
shop and you can see that’s the 1 plus 6
and let’s come home and let’s go into
geek bench and geek bench geek bench and
you could see that’s d1 plus 6 that’s it
except and let’s go into speed test
you can see speedtest first on the left
that’s going to chrome Chrome on the
left first I would say the 1 plus 6 not
really that much faster but definitely
enough faster to say you have a faster
phone on a d1 plus 6 okay so let’s go
ahead and run through them on
multitasking Chrome you could see about
the same speed test I don’t expect to
see any reloads on either now the
Samsung s9 did choke a little on Jetpack
and my last speed test what a Samsung
vs. 1 plus but I don’t expect that to
happen twice that was pretty rare but
you can see even on the opening times it
looks like the animation speed gives the
knot a little bit to that 1 plus 6 so to
the eye the 1 plus 6 will feel faster
again I have 1x animations on both of
them but keep in mind that the noted has
slightly smoother you know animations so
overall you know what I think the node 8
does offer a pretty incredible
performance for you know just being you
know everything it offers all the
features that are packed in there it’s
still an incredible performance I’m not
trying to say say anything against
oneplus they definitely have the faster
phone here between these two but the
note a has a smoother looking animation
to me although not quite as fast in the
RAM management round goes to the 1 plus
6 okay so the final Geekbench scores are
in you could see that the 1 plus 6 is an
absolute win over the note 8 scores here
on both single and multi-core here and
that’s about it we just showcased to you
that the 1 plus 6 offering incredible
speed even beating 950 dollar phones
when the note 8 was released so keep in
mind that you are getting great
performance here but at the same time
you’re not getting a pen with the 1 plus
6 you’re not getting that higher
resolution display you’re not getting
expandable storage like you get on the
note 8 and you don’t get the ip68 the
note 8 is loaded with many more features
then you get our new 1 plus 6 but the 1
plus 6 as far as speed is concerned is
the faster phone anyway if you want to
see the full comparison between these
two where I break down my honest
feelings let me know down below and I
will consider making that so you can
decide which one is the better purchase
personally I’ve been diggin the note 8 a
little bit more but that’s just a you
know that’s just an opinion we have to
talk about why that is and that’s it if
you found this video helpful enjoyable
entertaining and forming do me a favor
that like button for me and which one do
you think is the better device we know
the one plus six is a slightly faster
device but which one do you think is the
better device I’d like to know your
thoughts comment them down below
subscribe if you haven’t already I will
catch you all in the next episode be
sure to be well Nick here and peace




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