RED iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing & First Impressions!

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RED iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing & First Impressions! In this video we unbox and check out the All-New Product RED iPhone 8 Plus and see how that Red actually looks up close in personal! If you have the red iPhone share your experience so far below with the community! Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂
so what is up guys Nick here helping you
to master your technology and welcome to
the product red iPhone 8 plus unboxing
video now I’m sure you’ve already seen
this thing already I’m not the first to
bring this to the youtubes or whatever
but I was actually had a chance to pick
one up yesterday but I was in line and I
got impatient so I just walked out of
the store so I picked one up this
morning and no I’m not just adding this
to have more iPhones I’m actually gonna
be selling the white iPhone I’ll leave a
link to where you can buy this iPhone
for me down below in the description if
you are in the market and you want one
at a discount so let’s go ahead and
unbox it and see what comes in the box
and one thing I’ve always appreciated
about Apple boxes is that they’re very
easy to get into the phone you don’t
really have to dig through no tight
casing or anything like that
very well presented and it’s just your
standard you know iPhone box here just
like the white 8 plus but it does have a
red on the front so that’s nice you can
definitely see that this is a glass
phone though by this little shiny little
embroider they’re putting right here on
the the phone right there so let’s go
ahead and open this up and you can see
designed by Apple in California what
else is new but something else is new in
here you do have the product red you
know a little pamphlet right here so we
got something to read and it says in
partnership with red Apple will
contribute a portion of your iPhone
purchase to the global fund and support
the HIV and AIDS program to help deliver
an aids-free generation so at least if
you buy this phone it’s going to
something good now there’s an
unspecified amount the Apple is gonna
actually contribute so you’re probably
better off just donating directly to red
if you want to really support like
immediately I’ll leave the link to where
you can go ahead and donate down below
but you can see welcome to iPhone you
have your little SIM card tray and we
don’t have red apple stickers I would
have liked to seen red apple stickers
and here is the red iPhone and you could
see that it has a black front something
that a lot of people wanted for quite
some time now this thing definitely has
a very I would say like you know sports
car red it’s it’s really deep red here
and it might look dark on some angles
but in certain lights it really just
pops so let’s go ahead and peel that off
you only get that once in a lifetime you
know you know a little paper you pull
off or that little
whatever they call that I’ll know right
now but that thing you know you know
what I’m talking about that’s a once in
a lifetime but just look at that red
that is a shiny product right there and
the reason I update is cuz I personally
don’t really like the white front of the
iPhones anymore because I feel like they
show the bezels off a lot more I mean
look at that you can definitely see much
more bezels on the white eight plus
right there on the right so I’m gonna
head and boot this phone up really
quickly here and it should present a
black Apple startup because it does have
a black face front and I’ve been wanting
this kind of phone to ever launch for
ever when I had the iPhone eight plus I
used to rock these red cases all the
time that would basically kind of
emulate what this actually is now on its
own so it’s really nice to see this and
I’m sure a lot of people used to do this
combo as well I get a red case with your
black phone here and this is the jet
black iPhone 7 plus there’s also a
product red case you can get this one as
well I’ll leave a link to where you can
get this one as well down below this is
a product red case as well so you don’t
just have to get the iPhone a plus for
it to be you know to support the product
red they have other products like Beats
headphones you can also get you know
some other things like the folio case
for the iPhone 10 if you did get an
iPhone 10 you’re like come on Apple
why’d you do this to me I would have
bought that red eight plus if you were
to launch that on day one the rest of
the box just showcases some headphones
you do have your typical Lightning port
and not a fast charger once again but at
least they kept the price the same they
didn’t jump the price here on the A+
just because they change colors that’s a
nice thing at least I did that so you
can see on the sides you do have
aluminum red right here which is really
nice to see it’s a really good match and
then the glass definitely doesn’t really
match fully with this red on the
aluminum so the aluminum is just
slightly different but it’s a little
darker on the glass and it isn’t
aluminum but it’s close enough that it
matches really nicely and then there’s a
little detail I noticed about this red
eye foam on the actual Apple logo they
kind of matched it up with the little
screws down here and the charging port
so that’s a nice touch as well if that
was black it could have matched the
front but at the same time it really
looks nice that they did this and silver
and then they did this at the bottom and
silver you still have no headphone jack
and you stop wireless charging the
product red logo looks very clean there
under the iPhone no FCC brand
or anything like that but in certain
countries there might be some other
writing at the bottom depending on
regulations for where you’re at really
you can just see how that read change is
depending on the lighting you’re looking
at like if I bring it down here it looks
a little bit more dark if I bring it in
the right light it’s definitely more
punchy of a red so I think in sunlight
this thing is just gonna glimmer and
shine a lot but the most I could really
you know talk about this when I compare
it with Reds is it’s kind of like one of
those cars you know one of those really
sporty red cars that you know you just
polished it and it’s all shiny that’s
basically the color red that I’m seeing
here on US 8 plus other than that you
still get your 1080p display here and
you basically still have touch ID so
it’s still not ahead of the iPhone 10
when it comes to design I know a lot of
people wanted to see this one in red but
I don’t know how many people would
actually just go buy another
thousand-dollar phone so I don’t know if
it really matters that they didn’t bring
it in red I would have liked to seen it
at launch in red but you know this whole
thing about bringing a phone 6 months
later in a different color I know they
got to do that because Samsung just came
out with the s 9 plus and just rocked
the world with some nice colors here
with this coral blue and that lilac
purple so they had to do something but
at the same time you know launch these
colors at launch so everybody can choose
what they really want from the start and
that’s it I don’t want to go on and on
too much further about this video if you
guys want to see anything more on the
product red drop it down below this is
gonna be replacing my white 8 plus so if
we do any eight plus base content you’re
gonna see it in red now and thank you
all very much for watching also if you
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