Review 70 NEW iOS 12 Beta 2 Features & Changes!

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iOS 12 Beta 2 Released, 70 NEW Features & Changes! A Polished Update With Lots of Awesome Features Added. Full Breakdown.


hey guys it’s been exactly 15 days since
I was 12 was released today we got
Iowa’s twelve beta-2 and inside are a
lot of goodies so I personally found a
lot you guys found a lot let’s bring
them all together and show you in this
video over 70 changes so Iowa’s twelve
beta-2 and the first one I noticed right
away after updating on my personal
iPhone is that all of the apps that were
crashing and now no longer do so so I
was very happy to learn that that bug
has been fixed next thing you’ll notice
is that the speed improvements overall
it just feels great again little lags
here and there there are still some
don’t get me wrong I’ve noticed some but
overall it feels much better and now
this is a bit strange but some users on
the iPhone seven and eight are reporting
that with iOS 12 beta 2 they now get
haptic feedback when unlocking using
touch ID although some are saying they
don’t so I’m not sure if this is a
feature or a bug alright so we’ll start
on the lockscreen the notifications have
gotten reworked with the animations if
we actually 3d touch on them you’ll
actually notice it’s very smooth and
kind of fold-out animation and the
larger the animation is the cooler it
looks actually so very nice that Apple
has paid attention to that the actual
circle X here on the top as you can see
is now easier to distinguish its
brighter versus the old one and I notice
this if you actually go and click on the
stack notifications look at the
Notification Center text it gets
replaced with the text of the app that’s
belonging to so look at that it gets
replaced by podcasts while over here it
stays at Notification Center so
definitely much cleaner looking sorry I
just switched the phones around on the
left now is beta 2 the newer one on the
right is the older one anyways going to
manage notifications you’ll actually see
that there is a bolder text on the
options here whereas before it was
slimmer and there was an updated
description for what this managing does
also there’s a new animation of course
when going into quick reply and after
leaving it it kind of dissolves very
nicely there I also notice that on the
home screen when you jump into quick
reply here and then you exit it oh and
by the way look at that X is much larger
there as well and if I exit it there’s a
new animation watch this so it kind of
slides up instead of just bouncing
outwards over here now from the lock
screen when you’re streaming content to
an airplay device notice the
canal turns blue also inside of the
control center you’ll notice the battery
icon and percentage now sits a lower for
whatever reason I’m not sure if this is
a feature or a bug I look at the top
left there the privacy icon for location
tracking is now rounded looks a little
nicer now you have Bluetooth enabled it
will no longer show in the control
center previously it did here and I’m
not sure again if this is a bug or a
feature on Apple’s part and in the
control center the 3d touch platter for
screen recording you’ll notice the text
with the disclaimer is now contrasted so
it’s a little easier to read and that
feature where you can hold the space
button to access the trackpad to move
the cursor now works on the iPhone
intent and all other devices that have
3d touch Apple definitely updated the 3d
touch platter here the icon in the
weather app notice that it’s a little
bit different so it’s a darker there
it’s closer to the cloud so these little
tiny differences I know it’s funny but
anyways you jump in and you’ll notice
that the overall shading is darker now
on I was 12 beta 2 and if you look
closely at the icons here they’re
smaller so smaller Sun icons the moon
icons are smaller now the sunset sunrise
icons are smaller so very very minimal
differences but they certainly aren’t
there oh and the GPS now works properly
in iowa’s 12 beta 2 locks on properly
it actually works with navigation
whereas before we just spin endlessly
and just really be a mess on the face ie
D prompt now when using it within apps
is slightly different has text below it
so change that up a little bit in the
app store you’ll notice a new interface
when you search so if I just type in
anything here you’ll notice the text is
smaller now you can fit more also within
the app store in your account settings
there’s a new tab for personalization
now so in here you get the option to
look over all of this ratings and
reviews pre-order subscriptions purchase
the apps and games so a lot more
descriptive definitely and within the
music app 3d touch has been reworked
it’s got a nice new animation so a
different blur effect it kind of comes
in a little bit differently
I’d say it’s nicer but it still needs a
work it’s a little janky here and I
noticed this you can actually 3d touch
onto the actual now playing bar where
previously you couldn’t you can only
press on it and within these spotlight
suggestions apps now have a little arrow
as a shortcut and looking at suggestions
here if you actually 3d touch on
suggestion with the keyboard popped up
it’ll automatically be dismissed now in
beta 2 and there’s also a new animation
here as well so it’s slightly a little
bit different it pops in fades in nicely
background blurts out also it’s just a
little bit different so within these
share settings of photos and lots of new
icons here that have been reworked so
any copy icon as you can see has been
rounded looks more in line with the rest
also we’ve got a new create watch face
icon actually showing an Apple watch not
whatever that is and there’s a new
assigned to contact icon as you can see
a little bit smaller and the print icon
has been made friendlier as well also
the more icon as you can see is a larger
here and within photos of the media
types as you can see the text is now
larger easier to read and within these
Safari share sheets if I jump in here
you’ll see that the add to reading list
icon the glasses have been made a little
bit smaller and bolder and there’s also
a new icon for create PDF so as you can
see that one’s a little friendlier as
well and if I actually jump into more
here so the text previously for open in
news has been affixed to open in and
news in settings these search results
have once again been optimized they
don’t give you this endless amount of
info now it’s more focused and there’s a
new interface here in the battery
settings so as you can see there’s a
couple of new views here so on the main
one it’ll show you the battery level and
it’s more easier to understand view also
if we go into the bar graph of you it’s
a little darker just easier to
distinguish the bars here I guess just a
little bit different and actually here
on the bottom so where it said show
activity it’s now called show usage time
inside the Do Not Disturb mode the
description has been separated from up
here and placed beneath the bedtime mode
and in the notifications tab there’s a
new area for Siri suggestions where you
can quickly disable or enable them for
all apps and here now in settings
there’s a new splash screen for screen
time or it’ll give you info on what it’s
about and alongside that there are also
new splash screens for downtime app
limits and content and privacy and also
within screen time a set up screen time
for family also works previously it
didn’t you could just click it but
nothing ever came up and within screen
time you can actually look at other
devices you own so click up here on
devices and it’ll show you these stats
and info for other device
that are hooked up to the same iCloud
now within Cellular settings in here
depending on which carrier you have you
will see your carrier info I don’t have
it on Sprint but on t-mobile you will
see a new section with a lot more
details and with an accessibility
increased contrast is no longer its own
tab it has a little option right here
and before I had reduced transparency
inside of it now it’s it’s own option as
well with a tab view which is kind of
pointless they should have just made a
toggle on that one as well and with
increased contrast enabled on both
jumping into the messages app you’ll
notice that your messages whether
they’re iMessage or regular will now
appear darker and smart invert is now
working even more reliably for whatever
reason on certain sites YouTube for
example it doesn’t actually load the
stuff properly now and I was 12 beta 2
the thumbnails as you can see are not
reversed and the artwork itself if you
guys use a SIM PIN there’s a new screen
the interface has been updated for the
iPhone 10 looks much cleaner now and
this is the new interface when actually
being suggested a passcode within Safari
it’s much shorter than the standard
keyboard looks very nice now within the
messages app if I jump into the camera
and the effects camera and going into
the shapes parts a notice that it goes
right up and then left instead of all
right arrows any an emoji interface now
is slightly smaller more compact
previously you had more room here but
the actual an emoji face doesn’t shrink
at all and jumping into the momochi
editing section so right here
remove has been replaced by deletes and
actually in the editing portion if you
scroll all the way down you can’t quite
scroll as far as you could previously
before any voice memos app you have a
new splash screen as well previously
just greeted you with this and within
the news app in the browser section
you’ll find a new spotlight section in
here and when listening to a podcast
with chapters going into the chapter
here it’ll have a now playing indicator
on the chapter you’re listening to as
you can see right there and within the
clock app that time travel references
have been removed and relocated to the
stock clock app here and lastly some
iPad changes so the iPad much like the
iPhone 10 now gets a little control
center grabber on the lock screen in the
top right looks kind of decent I guess
and the iPad now shows a.m. and p.m. any
clock on the top left now and a very
welcome change when using an iPhone app
on an iPad that’s not supported of
course for the screen size it will now
show in the iPhone 4 points
inch screen size instead of the previous
iPhone a 4 inch size and this is very
exciting Iowa’s told bata to actually
includes references to the Apple watch
upcoming editions for this year so
possibly a series 5 in here maybe the
one with the larger display so there
were several new model numbers found in
the actual changelogs
oh and I noticed that the measure app
now is more reliable and easier to use
so definitely doesn’t lose track of
itself or the point as fast as before
and and I’ll actually snap to the
surface which it does more reliably now
in beta 2 and don’t know why you need to
do this but you can now actually copy
the software update notes within the
Settings app and also within the screen
time you can now filter by show
categories or the individual apps and
websites and you can actually go into
them and get more specifics on both of
the apps and the categories so very nice
update here to screen time okay that’s
it for the features guys but I still
wanted to mention a couple things so
updating from beta 1 to beta 2 actually
reduced the amount of storage that
Iowa’s 12 requires by 0.4 gigabytes so I
got that back I also wanted to talk
about the actual numbers so I’m gonna
run a Geekbench on both here and there’s
that score not any difference from the
first beta you know very very minimal
change here the actual difference is the
animations and 3d touch differences that
Apple has implemented it feels much
better and the face ID seems to be
slightly faster but that could be a
placebo this bug with the brightness is
really gonna drive me crazy in beta 2
for whatever reason it’s full brightness
but it seemed really really poor ok and
there it is I was 12 beta 2 I was pretty
thorough but as always there will be
more features I will include those in
the next video if I did miss any which
of course I did anyways thanks for
watching guys stay tuned for the next
one peace

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