Review First Product Red iPhone X! They Said It Didn’t Exist

The Worlds First Product RED iPhone X Mod Is Here! Get a Perfect Copy of iPhone 8/8 Plus’s Red on iPhone X For $35!

hey what’s up guys I’m actually so
excited in this video I’ll be showing
you the first ever product red
conversion from a standard iPhone 10
color we’re going to be doing a real
conversion not a skin which can be
reasonable in terms of price and actual
installation time it looks cool but I’m
talking about a real conversion so I’m
gonna be taking an iPhone 10 that I may
or may not have dropped on purpose oh
man I already see from here the card is
so bad here we’re gonna be replacing the
back and giving a full product red look
just like the actual iPhone a an A+
Series so as you guys know Apple didn’t
give us this look for the iPhone 10
which is a shame because it’s so amazing
and I think you guys will really like
this result it is almost a one-to-one
color with the real deal so I here we go
guys this is gonna be quite some process
so I’m I’m just gonna start by showing
you guys this iPhone here I’ll be
replacing them display in a separate
video but the back is what we’re worried
about here than the borders the final
result simply is stunning it will
accomplish this mod by using this
specialty product so this just hit the
market it’s a replacement glass for the
back that gives it a product red finish
and I’m not talking just a red colored
back this actually and I’m sure this is
breaking some trademark rules some
copyright here but this is an iPhone
attend product red glass back look at
that so you’ve got the actual badge back
here it is almost a 101 same color I’m
actually an openness real quick here
just to show you guys
iPhone 8 plus here so obviously you’re
gonna have a very similar setup with the
black front to the glass which i think
is gonna look so cool the contrast the
borders will do in a second but so look
at the glass that is basically the very
same thing and if I peel this back
you’ll see here it looks almost
identical that is awesome if we look at
the text the attention to detail there
is so great very very similar I mean I’d
be hard-pressed to tell the difference
between the two maybe the text it’s just
a little bit different but it’s very
hard to tell unless you have them right
next to each other otherwise it looks
fantastic this is not a simple mod but I
guarantee it will look awesome
of course the border of the camera lens
gonna be able to do too much about that
it’s gonna stay whatever color it was so
for me it’s gonna be a silver which will
be more of like an iPhone a7 product to
read look but still I think it’ll be
very neat so let’s go ahead and get to
it so I’m gonna start by removing all of
the glass here on the back which is not
a simple process it will take some time
so I’m gonna go ahead and give you a
little time lapse there and while I’m
working on this you guys can enjoy the
fruits of the summer the animals that
have had a lot of requests for that just
check out what’s going on at the old
house feed the gobblers
the best cat in the world I dare you to
find me a nicer cat you won’t look like
a dinosaur
Jurassic world 3 here just wait till
this fence comes down he’s trying the
Devereaux’s nothing new
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lots of old ones most delicious honey
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raspberries so delicious so huge – hmm
these guys the rat-race
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it oh look at that basking in the
sunlight just ready to be fried thanks
ouch why though it’s beautiful
what you coming back for more
invite me again
alright you know what guys this is not
happening fast enough so time to
shortcut the process with a freeze spray
you guys can get these online so I’m
literally just gonna freeze it in spot
this weakens the glue
this is so painful the Apple logo is
going and here’s what we got I know it
doesn’t look great but with the him back
on obviously you won’t see any of this
as long as everything is a straight
clean you removed all of the adhesive
around the edges ready well after the
camera lens removal to go ahead and
install that so for this guy it’s gonna
take a little bit of pressure and it is
spot-welded with a little tiny dots here
basically we just have to pry it off the
metal and do that very carefully all
right and a little pocket knife is doing
the trick for me just get it under the
edge and pry here and as you can see it
starts to raise off and then you can
wedge it in further but don’t go in too
far as you will actually touch the
cameras now I don’t know how many of you
guys will be doing this but as you can
see it’s quite a brutal attempt so I’m
sure it can be done more technically but
yeah I wanted to make this happen sooner
and there’s that you can go ahead and
peel off the camera go around the other
side as well haha not anymore you don’t
that’s funny okay and off comes the
camera so there is that and you can pry
that back down otherwise we are ready to
install the glass here and one last look
at that before we do so all right quick
test fit before installing but if
everything is correct its go ahead and
peel that back and I’ll glue it on all
right guys so what do you think I think
it looks fantastic next to the original
it is very very close in color as you
can see and the borders obviously not
the same as this is like a reflective
plastic and I had to repurpose it from a
different phone so it’s not the best
looking but if I actually had a ready
one what it looked pretty dang sweet too
on the sides buttons are silver to match
the lens as yeah stays that way does
have a black screen like this guy here
really cool Ron project I definitely
don’t know if it’s worth effort to do
this to yours if the back is
broken I probably wouldn’t but is just
cool to see product read on the iPhone
10 when Apple didn’t give that to us so
would be nice to see this in an official
release but this is the closest we can
get to that right now hope you guys
enjoyed it stay tuned for the next one


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