Review iPhone 2018 & iPad X – LEAKED Specs & More!

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the 2018 iPhones got leaked once again
in my last two videos I talked about EF
on 10 plus and I found headlights design
leaks but in this one I’ll be covering
the specs as well as the features
because we got what are probably the
biggest leaks in terms of those the
specs on the features over the past few
days and among with the 2018 I phones
I’ve got some updates on the iPad X aka
the iPad pro 3rd generation that a big
redesign and Apple’s working on for a
release later on this year so sit back
relax get those snacks ready and endure
okay so I’m sure that the 2018 iPhones
the biggest leak yet actually comes from
French website I generation so they
found the Geekbench for score of a 2018
alleged 2018 iPhone okay so is this leak
actually legit how do we know if this
thing is legit well it does look pretty
authentic to be honest it does show the
iPhone with the model number eleven
point two which would actually be the
model number for the 2018 iPhones and
some of all this the model board seems
to be an apple design a motherboard so D
three two one ap and the device is not
just running iOS 12 but also the new
Apple HDL processor which again would be
the one inside of 2018 iPhones following
the app 11 processor which was inside
between 2017 iPhone 10 iPhone 8 and
iPhone 8 plus know something that was
rumored to come with the 2018 iPhones
apart from the Apple H well processor
was actually a bump to four gigabytes of
RAM from three gigabytes of RAM on the
iPhone 10 so for those of you using
Android smartphones let me know the
comments if you’re using an Android
smartphone and which one my main Android
driver is actually the pixel to excel by
the way amazing phone but yeah for those
of you using Android phones you’re
probably aware that some of your phones
actually come with a ditka bytes of RAM
which is just crazy apples RAM
management is very very good by the way
up until 2017 the iPhone 7 plus and
iPhone 8 plus were actually the phones
with the best rom management even though
they only came with literally half less
than half the amount of RAM over the
iPhone 10 was actually an exception to
the scenario so the iPhone 10 had
significantly worse ramage meant than
even the iPhone 8 plus even though they
both came with three gigabytes of RAM
which was a bit strange now I believe
that this is because of the high
resolution display the iPhone 10 comes
with which obviously requires high
resolution assets to be loaded and then
the iPhone 10 also comes with that VCD
camera system which constantly looks for
your attention so again from 10 needs
more memory than the iPhone 8 plus for
example and it didn’t get that in 2017
that’s because the iPhone 10 only costs
$1000 or even more than that outside the
US so yeah it’s not expensive enough for
Apple to include four gigabytes of RAM
obvious I’m joking
but yeah in this league it seems that we
would be finally getting four gigabytes
of RAM with the 2018 iPhones now in 2018
we would be getting at least three new
iPhone models possibly even four but
three is most almost certain to happen
and the iPhone 10 would be updated with
better specs and improved camera
and then we would have the iPhone 10
plus a larger version of game content
essentially with a 6.5 inch display and
then the iPhone 10 light which would be
the entry-level iPhone 10 for 2018 I’ve
actually done two separate videos on
these two new iPhones the ten plus and
the ten light and now we’re also
expecting we work I’m expecting the
iPhone AC 2 that was on the list but
there’s actually been reports that it’s
been cancelled I’ve covered all that in
this video I finally see two canceled
but those three new iPhones are most
likely going to happen in 2018 but it
just might be that the iPhone 10 plus
would be the only one getting four
gigabytes of RAM according to some new
reports while the iPhone 10 and the
iPhone 10 light would actually stick
with three gigabytes of RAM personally I
don’t believe this to be the case I
don’t believe this to be true especially
since management on the iPhone 10 it
wasn’t that great on the 2017 iPhone 10
with only three gigabytes of RAM so I
don’t see Apple doing this I think they
will update every single new iPhone in
2018 with four would get four gigabytes
of RAM now going back to the actual spec
leaked obviously the most important part
here is the one that I haven’t talked
about yet so that’s the actual scores so
we have 4673 for a single core
performance and 10912 for the multi core
and if you compare these to the iPhone
tens the single core performance it gets
a noticeable increase of around 400
points but a multi-core one only got 800
points which is actually fairly low for
multi-core now on the Apple II 11 chip
for Apple it was a huge huge performance
increase over the a-10 especially in the
multi-core department and the Apple 812
seems to be mainly a refinement of the
Apple a 11 now remember when the Apple
11 scores were in leaked around those I
think in April 2017 and that’s we the
single core score was about a hundred
points lower while the multi-core was
about a thousand points lower compared
to the final version now the processor
is obviously finished so lower
performance is probably caused by
Geekbench not being updated to fully
support the apply to a processor yet so
if we follow the same pattern then in
September when the new 2018 iPhones
release the scores might be around 4700
to 4800 for a single core and close to
12,000 for the multi-core now honestly I
don’t really care about the personal
scores that much myself I just want to
see some good day-to-day performance
among with some really good remanent
numbers they don’t mean anything if the
power isn’t utilized to default but
and then speaking of power the GPU
benchmark actually got leaked as well so
we have the Geekbench compute benchmarks
so the iPhone 7 plus would happily tell
with the Apple 810 processor back in the
day back in 2016 wasn’t really that that
kind of day I’ve got twelve thousand
points and on the iPhone 10 with the
Apple 811 shape it got fifteen thousand
points and now the Apple 812 seems to
get 21,000 points so a massive massive
increase over the apple eleven and by
the way fun fact did you know that at a
moment Apple a 10 X is actually Apple’s
most powerful processor in terms of the
GPU nadya 11 the ATM X is the processor
inside the iPad pros the iPad pros 2017
and yeah that ship has the most powerful
GPU in an apple processor and that will
actually scores 29,000 points which is
just crazy so 21,000 for the Apple a 12
is looking very very likely to be to be
the actual legit GPU performance of the
Apple a 12 and then of course the idea
play 11x which would be the processor
inside the iPad X or the iPad pro third
generation that’ll be even more powerful
in this I’ll speak up the Apple 11x and
the iPad X we’ve actually had some new
reports coming from Chinese website my
drivers and they have some by the way
they have some pretty good track record
when it comes to Apple eeks they
reported that the upwe 11x would
actually be called 11x fusion sorry
Bionic just like yeah the up 11 and then
it would also be manufactured by TSMC
for the 2018 ipad pro’s they also said
that it would be an 8 core processor and
also apples first chip to be based on a
7 and a metered process and it would
fully support obviously face ID along
with some brand new AI features which
would only be present on the new iPad
pros not the iPhone 10 so this is pretty
interesting I wonder what those features
might be speaking of features if you
don’t know more about the iPad X and all
the new features that comes with I’ve
done multiple videos on the iPad X
before but essentially this would be
this would be Apple’s biggest design
change for the iPad since well since the
original iPad back in 2010 so the home
button would be removed entirely and the
bezels would be thinned out really
really dramatically so essentially this
would be the top I bought a bezels they
would be removed almost entirely by the
way because I don’t know when they’re
quite huge face idea would be introduced
to this iPad so overall this would be
the iPad equivalent of the iPhone 10 now
another leak in terms of the 2010
iPhones is in terms of the charger so
we’ve actually had some reports coming
from video times I want a while ago that
the 2018 I phones would come with a USBC
charger inside the box now the port of
the iPhone would still be lightning and
will be USB see unfortunately what a
charger itself it would be USB see and
it would come with a USB C to lightning
cable so here’s BC on the charger part
aligning that would connect to the
iPhone so essentially what you would get
finally fast charging included inside a
box of the new iPhones without the need
for you to buy a USBC charger a USB C
macbook charger among with a separate
USB C 2 lightning cable and earlier this
week chunk Tonto not I’m really not sure
how to pronounce your name sorry
Chung dan dan okay I’m not gonna say
that anymore sorry he said that
on basically posted a micro Takara some
leaked images of the presumed US version
of the Apple 2018 iPhone charger and
here you can see that it does look a bit
larger than the current one since it’s
also an 18 watt charger compared to a 5
watt one that we got win a car
generation iPhones but yeah it’s it’s
not a massive it’s not that massive as
you would expect it’s significantly more
compact than even the 12 inch backless
charger which was basically the cheapest
option you could buy if you wanted to
have an official fast charging option
from Apple for the new iPhones and then
this also means that a new iPad so the
new iPad pros in 2018 and then then you
cheap iPad probably and 2019 they should
also come with a fast charger because at
the moment they only come with a 10 to
12 watt charger inside the box which is
really really slow by the way especially
on such a large device as the 12 point 9
inch iPad pro and same goes with the
iPhones right now necessary for you to
buy a separate macbook charger plus USB
C to lightning cable in order to get
fast charging on both the iPhones as
well as the iPads so yeah there you go
all the leaves leak some rumors in terms
of the 20th year iPhones as well as the
iPad X definitely subscribe if you’re
new to the channel and you want to see
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hang on that Bell a concert again
notified as soon as a new video comes
out and let me know to comment what you
guys think about the iPad X and most
importantly all the processor and
performance leaks of the new 2018
iPhones do you think performance matters
on such a phone or do you think well you
know you don’t need that much
performance on such a phone keep in mind
that the iPhone the iPhone 10 was
already more powerful than Apple’s
13-inch MacBook sand even if you
compared to the 15 inch back with prop
actually done a video on this it was
really really close in performance the
iPhone 10 did a top of the line 15 into
2017 my GoPro when it came to exporting
4k video so it’s crazy you don’t need
that much performance in a phone if you
don’t make if you don’t take full use of
it and hopefully Apple does something to
optimize obviously they did it in iOS 12
so reminiscent is so much better than I
was 12 and it’s gonna be even better
with 4 gigabytes of RAM with any 29
phones but yeah I had some ristretto
so some some coffee and I got my energy
back from the last video by – I recorded
the last video from yesterday today a
few hours ago and in that one I was
really tired
that was actually the 500k subscribers
thank you video by the way so definitely
watch it if you missed that and if you
channel updates regarding the future of
the channel the features that attack and
some changes that I’m making it has been
pretty much it think of watching I’m
Daniel and I’ll see you guys in my next
one sort of that

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