Top 10 Best Android Games 2018 | MUST TRY

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Here’s a list of 10 Best Android Games 2018 You must Play.

hey what’s up guys this is someone here
from expert gadgets and welcome to
another episode of best android games
and this time is the Montford June so
without any further delay let’s get this
started so first up we have FIFA soccer
FIFA World Cup just during the FIFA
World Cup what better game to play than
FIFA it provides you with the chance to
experience a virtual recreation of the
real thing
and if high-quality visuals and advanced
physics are a big deal to you you’ll
hardly find a better Android game to
play this summer and once you have had
enough of World Cup licensed action
there are plenty of other game modes to
enjoy fifa including its iconic Ultimate
Team next up we have space pioneer space
pioneer is a colorful and brutally
difficult twin-stick shooter all about
shooting aliens your job is to crush
your enemies and collect as much as loot
as possible and the more you loot the
better your equipment and then you know
what that means it’s time to go back
killing aliens
now next up we have flip puzzles flip is
a unique and customizable puzzle game
experience it is based on simple rules
that create complex interactions and at
first glance it can be really easy but
solving it is way harder you’ll have to
think your way through the hundred and
forty levels and get all the stars
available in the game and all the stars
in turn our new gold to purchase more
levels and color palettes the game can
be very addictive and challenging at the
same time so you’ll get hooked in no
next up we have real car parking – real
car parking – is a simulation and car
parking game with high graphics you can
even check behind your car with rearview
mirrors and even when driving from the
inside and park easily the game also has
realistic looking cars and car sounds
that adds a lot more depth and you can
also customize your car and learn
traffic rules and signals in this game
next up we have stickman legends shadow
war this is an action and RPG game where
you get to play as a ninja warrior and
killing and shooting your enemies the
game has a collection of fighters who
are ninjas that strive to make something
out of the game effectively and the
ninjas all have superpowers that gives
them abilities the game also has good
effects and graphics with the snipes
designs that tends to make things work
out really well on the game
now next up we have Bambara car this is
a rather fun and intuitive game where
you will need to utilize almost every
object in the environment and find out a
way to control bomb explosions the game
is really fun to play with this absurd
mechanics and nice graphics and the
puzzles get harder and more brain
rattling and you’ll have to act very
fast every time you go up a level all in
all this is a great game next up we have
horizon this game plays like just about
every other endless runner on the Play
Store swipe left or right to move
correspondingly and collect gems that
can be later used to purchase new ships
and recreations the game plays solid and
the controls work well plus the graphics
are very striking next up we have Bruce
Lee kung-fu legend Bruce Lee is on an
epic run through treacherous paths of
Fire and Ice and you have to be prepared
for ninja attacks falling obstacles
blazing fireballs and surprises at every
turn and you can enter special bonus
zones as a flying dragon to collect
coins and unlock new characters
next up we have micro fighters Lego has
a new game out on the Play Store and it
excitingly takes advantage of the Star
Wars license to deliver an enjoyable
racing game you can not only expect a
full John William score to accompany the
gameplay of Lego Star Wars micro
fighters but also 27 a conic Lego Star
Wars minifigures and 9 Star Wars micro
fighters not too shabby for a free game
now next up we haven’t chained you can
never escape now judging by the title as
you may have suspected it’s an escape
room puzzle game like the majority of
games in this sword you’ll have to
search for clues and solve puzzles so
you can finally escape your in-game
surroundings all in all this game has
great atmosphere and amazing gameplay
well that was it for this video guys to
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