Top 12 iOS 12 Features! What’s New Review

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Top 12 iOS 12 Features! BEST Changes & Hidden Features. Grouped Notifications, All New Apps, iPad Gestures Revamp, Animojis Review.

so it’s official WWDC 2018 has come to a
conclusion and as a result we’ve gone
Iowa’s 12 with speed improvements many
necessary changes that I think you guys
would be very happy to learn about we’ve
got the new version of Mac OS Mohave
watch OS 5 and the new TV OS so this
video let’s do a quick recap of what’s
changed what’s new before of course
getting to the actual hands-on demos so
I definitely wouldn’t say this was one
of the more eventful WWDC s we had
absolutely no hardware but that was
predicted by Mark Garmin that we
wouldn’t be seeing any this year so they
started off with a quick recap of the
past versions of Iowa’s some of the big
advancements including the App Store and
of course reiterated that this upcoming
update iOS 12 will be a free update and
as predicted all users currently running
Iowa’s 11 on their device will be
getting an Iowa stove update so I was
super happy to hear about that that
means the iPhone 5s will be getting this
update and it definitely puts things
into perspective when 81% of people are
running Iowa’s 11 and only 6% the newest
version of Android at the moment apples
been supporting the iPhone 5s for six
years now that is absolutely ridiculous
so they kicked off the review of Iowa’s
twelve by talking about performance
that’s gonna be the major focus of this
update as predicted you’re gonna be able
to launch apps faster to bring up the
keyboard faster enter the camera faster
and they’ve improved that in all areas
basically animations so even the share
sheet even loading apps will load two
times faster by working closely with the
actual architecture of the CPU they were
able to get the load of the CPU to work
almost at 100% right away instead of
gradually rising up to it with time so
that change right there is gonna make a
big difference they say in the way that
you use your device how the animations
work so I’m so curious to see how that
will actually be in person and they also
introduced a new version of AR kar kit
2.0 so using this you’ll actually be
able to measure certain objects you’ll
be able to demo things in real time from
within Safari using a new format called
the US and DZ so this will be
cross-platform within Safari it’s
actually quite diverse what you can do
with it such as try products outs and of
course take pictures of them see it in
real time with AR it was quite
impressive to see this so I see where
Apple’s going with all of this AR work
they also demoed multiplayer AR which
will not be possible of course with a
ARCA 2.0 using a lego demo not that
something I’d be interested in but
certainly some fun you can have with the
right game I think they made some
improvements to the photos application
it’s now smarter it’ll give you
real-time suggestions within the Photos
app it’s even smarter to actually detect
certain types of scenes areas events so
Apple has definitely been working on the
AI parts of the photos application
there’s actually a new tab as well for
you so in there you’ll get some tailored
results like a year ago you know you
took this picture and the most
impressive thing I think about the
photos is sharing them with other people
you’re gonna be able to share in full
resolution and it’ll suggest which
photos to share when you send it to them
on the way back it’ll suggest the other
person so photos to send back to you
from the same event so kind of cool now
Siri gets a rework as well in iOS 12
she’s smarter now you can actually get
Siri shortcuts within certain
applications so a third party support
there you’ll actually be able to train
Siri to bring certain things up
depending on a phrase and events a
certain time a place that you’re at it’s
kind of cool
Siri is definitely getting so much
smarter in iowa’s 12 in Siri will have a
new area in a spotlight search where
she’ll be able to give you suggestions
depending on the area you’re out to get
contextual stuff also timing what you’re
usually doing at this time so very cool
that Apple is expanding in Siri
shortcuts so much I was very happy to
hear about that that’ll also be quite a
diverse editor for Siri shortcuts as
well so you can optimize those there’s a
whole list of options you can go through
before she actually makes them a thing
also within apps there will be shortcuts
for this so you can directly add them
within there a phrase of your choosing
it’s a very neat how structured this is
I mean I was wondering how Apple would
do it and as usual turns out Apple
really knows what they’re doing and they
take time to perfect these sort of
things so series getting so much smarter
next up apples got a focus on a new
applications bringing some unique ones
to the iPad such as the news app the
stocks happen stocks is getting a
redesign so you’ll actually be able to
see the real time after our trading as
well and there will be news within the
stocks application so you can get direct
news relating to the stock you’re
following the voice memos is getting a
redesign as well coming to the iPad
you’re gonna be able to record things a
little bit easier now or user-friendly
iBooks is getting renamed to Apple books
so as predicted and carplay is now
getting third-party support for
navigation apps that doesn’t mean more
just navigation related which
most people just wanted ways anyways now
the biggest one I think you guys will be
happy to hear about is the reworked
notifications Apple is bringing group 2
notifications to Iowa’s and making
things a little bit easier with the Do
Not Disturb mode so when you wake up
when you go to sleep your phone will be
so much simpler instead of having a
barrage of messages that you can get
more options to choose from we do not
disturb up until a certain time and so
on for the new notification system I
think Apple certainly took some cues
from Android as you’ll be able to
real-time filter notifications by 3d
touching on it and you’ll have some
options to mute notifications for that
certain application the grouped
notifications look pretty cool the
stacked so you certainly see how many
there are behind it there more makes
things so much easier looking on the
eyes anyways and next stuff Apple is
bringing a new tool to iOS and that’s
app limits and screen time so they want
to make you aware of how often you’re
using your phone and this is to tackle
an issue where people don’t even realize
that they’re spending this in this much
time on their phone even addiction
possibly so how often you’re spending
time within a certain app you can set
limits to remind you actually if you’re
spending too much time in the app how
often you want to be reminded and so on
so I’m very nice to have this tool I
think a lot of people are really gonna
be shocked how often they pick their
phone up and respond to certain things
every single day and Apple did add that
this is a very important tool for kids
so you can set allowances on certain
apps how often you want them to be used
how much time of a limit that you give
on those apps and it’s basically a much
smarter restrictions where you can
control it from another phone and of
course lots of improvements to messages
starting with improvements to the n
emojis and that’s tounge detection so
now you’ll be able to animate your
tongue and have that being detected by
your face ID camera next up there are
several new yet emojis including the
ghost koala tiger and an all-new t-rex
and of course I think this one’s copying
a little bit of Samsung but done a
little bit better emoji so you’ll be
able to animate your own face customize
it in so many ways there’s actually a
lot from wearables to you know your skin
type to the type of beard you may have
type of hair I think it was quite
interesting very very detailed and it
seemed like Apple carved out pretty big
chunk of WWDC to talk about this and I
totally get why I mean a lot of younger
users are using iPhones and Mae
an iPhone 10 in the future this is the
perfect thing to entice them over with
so if you were coming from a Samsung
device that you wanted this feature on I
was it’s very similar to Samsung’s take
on it and it’s pretty cool though I
think I definitely like the iOS version
a lot more and something many of us
thought would never see the light of day
and that’s FaceTime major FaceTime
improvements including group to FaceTime
and the way Apple did it actually is
quite brilliant the interface for its
I’m sure took them quite some time and
some manpower to develop so this one is
actually a bunch of squares put together
and whoever’s talking by the way this is
up to 32 people I was the most
impressive part whoever’s talking is
gonna be brought up to you know the
bigger square automatically it’s just
gonna grow in size and then shrink as
the other person takes the stage and
it’s really quite cool of course the
more people you have the more messy that
interface gets but you can’t click on an
individual and have them just sit there
while all other people talk in the
background so that’s in a nutshell I was
12 again there’s gonna be a ton of
smaller things here and there that Apple
didn’t mention at the event they just
don’t have enough time so we’ll have to
dig into that and see you later today so
next up they started to talk about watch
OS and they had a couple major things
that they wanted to focus on and that’s
complications and sharing your activity
with other people so you can challenge
each other to a seven day challenge and
keep each other updated and so on
there’s several new exercises including
yoga and hiking and there’s several
changes to the outdoor run so you have
pace alerts now and cadence so it’ll
show you your real time step counts and
so on also I think this one was really
nice is exercise alert so if you start
at a certain type of exercise it’ll
automatically detect it and then alert
you and credit you for the time that you
didn’t start recording and automatically
alert you to end it of course there’s
also an updated Siri watch face that now
detects even more things as well as
those series shortcuts so they’ll be
present for you right there
now also you don’t have to say hey Siri
anymore to your watch just bring up the
watch and then start talking to it
automatically also within notifications
on the watch you’ll be able to interact
and if someone sends you a request for
Apple pay you’ll be able to pay them
back directly from within the app
there’s also a WebKit view for the Apple
watch so within messages and mail you’ll
be able to get a quick preview of the
content in Safari tailored to the Apple
watch screen I thought that was really
neat so in general I think this is
the biggest updates the Apple watch has
ever gone I’ll definitely be covering it
on this channel so definitely a lot to
cover on the Apple watch and there’s
also a new feature where students can
actually put their student ID into the
watch and certain universities will
accept it as a real deal and it’s gonna
be spreading to more in the future and
next up updates to the Apple TV the most
important stuff that Apple mentioned was
that it’s getting support for Dolby
Atmos so all you need is a Dolby Atmos
compatible sound bar to enjoy that
you’re gonna be getting some new aerial
screen savers and one that’s from the
international space station which was
actually pretty neat third-party remotes
will now be able to control the Apple TV
as well and there will be many new
services and channels so next up is the
next version of Mac OS now called Mac OS
Mohave a very fitting name and it’s got
a very beautiful theme so Apple
introduced dark mode with this version
and hopefully that’s a hint that one day
we’ll be getting on iOS because Apple
has not mentioned at all it is not
coming to iOS this year apparently but
it’s beautiful all of the new interfaces
are suited for a dark mode that are
calling it dark mode not a knight mode
or anything like that it looks awesome
better yet the actual screen savers that
there including will actually be dynamic
so they’ll change throughout the day to
go from daytime to nighttime you know
depending on your theme so I thought
that was super neat and Apple introduced
a very nice feature called stacks where
you can organize a messy desk top into
piles and this is depending on type
maybe the time I was taken or created
and I could see it being very useful in
the future for messy people there’s also
a new view in a finder called gallery
view so you’ll get a very big view of
the certain content PDF you know images
and there are quick shortcuts on the
bottom right to where contextually
they’ll give you options to do certain
things say a picture is rotated the
wrong way it’ll bring up a little option
to rotate it the right way on the bottom
right and there’s a nifty new screenshot
tool where you can not only record
photos but also videos within a
contained area and then directly mark
them up using a new markup tool much
like the iOS screenshot tool now on Mac
OS and I see a lot of potential for this
one in the future it’s called continuity
camera so you can take a picture from
your iPhone and directly import it into
a certain area on the computer say in a
presentation if you want to take a
picture and directly insert it right
away you can do that and I see Apple
doing this in the future with other
things as well
expanding that continuity to other areas
and this
where we get into the major point for
mac OS Mohave and that’s where it’ll be
getting ported iOS apps on mac OS this
isn’t coming anytime soon but it is
being done very well in fact the coding
barely changes between iOS and Mac OS as
it’s using the very same framework
apples also taken some very intelligent
steps to prevent your online fingerprint
from being documented making your
fingerprint very similar to that of many
other Mac users so you can’t be profiled
and tracked online there’s also a new
Mac App Store as well which looks very
nice it’s got a new view supports the
dark mode all around a very nice update
and Apple did make it very clear that
they will not be merging iOS and Mac OS
anytime soon as the input sources are
completely different they’re just made
for completely different devices one
with a keyboard and a trackpad the other
with a touchscreen is own likely not
going to see a crossover anytime soon
also the apps that are coming right away
are just these the news stocks voice
messages and the home app which are iOS
ports coming to Mac OS that’s basically
how they’re experimenting with it and
then in 2019 you’ll be able to get
third-party apps from developers so guys
that’s it iOS 12 and the rest of the
betas will be available today to
developers otherwise fall for the full
release so stay tuned I’m going to be
covering all of this in the coming
videos thanks for watching guys face


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