You Should Be Afraid Of This Box.. iPhone SE 2 Leaked? Apple News

This Box Can Hack Into ANY iPhone.. GrayKey Hack Tool Leaked, iPhone SE 2 Spotted? Samsung Galaxy S10 To Copy X & More News!


all right so this is actually pretty
genuinely terrifying everybody’s iPhone
right now is vulnerable to a brute-force
hack from another company that
specializes in extracting data from
locked phones this is called the gray
key and this box right here works on all
of the newest iPhones the newest
firmware and will help authorities get
into your data without your consent so
what was the point of the entire battle
between Apple and the FBI if this
company can basically circumvent all of
that and share your data with them
regardless without apples help that’s
crazy so guys I wanted to talk to you
guys about that in this video and also a
bunch of new information that’s cropped
up including an iPhone se2 leaked and a
lot of other cool stuff I wanted to
share with you so let’s get into it at
this little guy right here I’ve already
shared with you on this channel it’s
about a $500 box known as the it box and
it basically cycles through a bunch of
pass codes until it gets the right one
and then it’s able to log into your
phone and get all of your data out as a
result so that doesn’t work anymore
Apple patched this a while ago but there
are companies now cellebrite and now
this new one called grey shift that is
specializing in extracting data and it’s
very worrying I mean even if you aren’t
a target just the fact that it’s
possible is very very scary to me
anyways and the worst part is Apple is
gonna have a very hard time patching
something like this because they don’t
have access to this box or this tool
themselves so this new company is
basically selling these to authorities
for fifteen thousand dollars a pop the
fifteen thousand dollar package has to
be connected to the Internet and only
can be used 300 times the thirty
thousand dollar version can be used
anywhere and an unlimited amount of
times so such a small innocent-looking
box it works on two iPhones at the same
time and basically will cycle through up
to six digit pass codes and if you use
an alphanumeric you’re probably safe
that’s the one way you can keep your
phone legitimately safe if you have
anything to worry about on it and it
takes up two to three days in order to
cycle through all of those this one
would have taken about a week it was
pretty slow so they’re using some sort
of exploits unknown which one but it
could be a lot of the zero-day exploits
that were shared online it’s just it’s
terrifying honestly and there’s actually
evidence of it working on the newest
iPhone Town on Iowa
eleven point two point five which
presumably at the time of this photo
being taken was the newest firmware so I
doubt eleven point two point six would
be any different now it’s unknown if
Apple could do anything about it be cool
if they could actually try you know make
a statement about these because a lot of
these companies are coming out you know
celebrites great shift who knows who
else down the road and Apple is
basically pretending they don’t exist so
it’s kind of scary let me know your
thoughts about that am i over
exaggerating or is it a legitimate
problem that there are companies that
could hack into your phone I mean they
need physical access but they could
still get into it even if it’s on the
lost in restricted mode that is crazy I
did the iPhone se2 just a leak in a
video shared on Weibo reposted by Mac of
Takara this video is showing what
appears to be an iPhone 10 in the shell
of an iPhone se it’s all blocky and
squared off so is it legitimate let’s
take a look first off it looks to be the
very same interface as an iPhone 10 it
looks to be roughly the same size as an
iPhone 10 so what could this mysterious
device be I’m gonna say this right now
it is absolutely fake I mean it would
have to be much smaller and it’s just
the same size as an iPhone 10 it’s
literally a housing swap most likely if
you really think about it why why would
Apple ever take the display from their
flagship model stuff it into a budget
and model as if the sales of the iPhone
10 weren’t bad enough now they need to
cannibalize it by selling a cheaper you
know smaller variant of the iPhone 10
with the same display and the best
features from it I don’t think so so
definitely a fake but it’s pretty
interesting I would like to get my hands
on that housing if I could it definitely
seems I could be a fun little project to
do so don’t consider this a real one but
the iPhone se could legitimately be
coming and we have an update cooking for
you in just a few days here so stay
tuned for that this one’s actually
pretty cool thought I’d throw this in
there while we’re on the topic of
hacking at the pone 2 own conference a
security researcher has basically found
an exploit and managed to gain control
the touch bar of a macbook through a
safari exploit and he was able to run a
custom code on there as you can see a
signature he left it there how much you
can do with it aside from annoy somebody
by taking over there touch bar but Apple
could possibly be patching this in the
future he was awarded $65,000 for this
exploit which just really needs alright
I was actually pretty shocked when I
learned about this if you have ever
to the Markab tool within photos it’s
just like this basically it allows you
to draw on images and if you use it to
redact text you should immediately stop
and never do that if you basically fill
out completely the text so you can’t see
anything underneath it and then you go
into the image and you brighten the
image you can literally read underneath
that text it is kind of crazy not on the
phone you have to be using an actual
program on your computer but you can
legitimately read what’s underneath that
text so don’t ever use that to hide
sensitive information this was
discovered by 95 Mac and actually pushed
out a public service announcement so
definitely ought to say thank you to
them because I did not know this not
that I use this to hide texts maybe once
it all for license plate something like
that but if you were using that to hide
sensitive info definitely stop right now
again this one is extremely cool so a
developer is working on dots this is a
concept that I showed you guys just a
little while ago in my iowa’s 11 video
that would basically bring you
notification dots on the iPhone 10 to
the lockscreen now it’s a reality and
almost done it’s being made by the same
guy that’s responsible for color flow my
favorite cydia tweak and presumably
you’d be able to change the dots to work
you know showing a different
notification from a different app and it
looks so cool I mean I genuinely want
Apple to do this in iOS 12 why can’t
they do this they have the organic LED
display all they need to do is add it as
a feature basically your phone is
sitting in there you see these dots
light up it is so convenient you know
you wouldn’t even need an LED that
Android phones have on the display so I
really hope that Apple brings it to iOS
but you’ll be able to use it soon as
it’s actually a jailbreak tweak and it’s
coming very soon guys I also like to
share these wallpapers with you so these
were made not by me but still really
really cool inspired by the WWDC artwork
basically there are some black ones to
take advantage of the OLED on the iPhone
and it all around looks really cool and
also these and they’re for every iPhone
basically so I’ll leave a link to where
you can find them down below super cool
you know just so you guys can be excited
and anticipate WWDC every day on your
iPhone a bit early but the Samsung
Galaxy S 10 rumors are already starting
to crop up in a feature that Samsung is
already working on as apparently
surfaced the Samsung Galaxy S 10 will
have true 3d facial sensing like the
right now these Samsung Galaxy S 9 is
using 2d sensing but Samsung is looking
to truly compete with Apple by building
their own 3d sensing module so the
Samsung Galaxy S 10 coming soon
with 3d facial modeling next year
anyways guys that’s it just a quick
brief little update for you what’s going
on and I’m genuinely concerned about
this brute-force hack not that I plan on
getting arrested but you just never know
and what was Apple’s fight what was the
point of it if it can be easily beaten
by these companies so I hope that Apple
finds a way to remedy this maybe even
talk about it in a press release I don’t
know I think it does undermine their
security their whole stance on security
if someone is able to do this but ok
guys thanks for watching that is the
latest Apple news stay tuned for the
next song this


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